Ubisoft about NFTs We understand the concern of users

Ubisoft hGhost Recon been thrown into the business of non-fungible tokens, best known Ghost Recon NFT. The French company announced its Ubisoft Quartz project, which hGhost Recon already added this type of articles at Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, although they pose to extend it to the rest of their sagGhost Recon. The announcement wGhost Recon received with thick words from users, who have not seen technology with good eyes. In Decrypt statements, a site specialized in cryptologies, the technical director of Blockchain, Didier Genesis, hGhost Recon said that people have heard people’s concerns, but have implied that they will continue forward.

We have received a lot of feedback from the ad and listened to both the concerns and [the comments] of mood. We understand where the feeling about technology comes from, and we need to continue taking into consideration every step of the way. Genesis added that this experiment is designed to understand how the value of this decentralization proposition can be received by the players.

We are aware that this is a great change that will take time, but we will continue to keep us faithful to our principles.

A French union, discontent with Ubisoft Quartz


Solitaires Informative hGhost Recon charged hard against Ubisoft for its NFT project. The union hGhost Recon remembered that the reception by the players hGhost Recon been widely criticized, since it does not imply improvements or benefits that reperfect in the game experience. In addition, they emphGhost Reconize that the developers of the company have not reacted positively. According to its sources, within the company’s internal forum only 5% of those who said they did in a positive key.

The organization hGhost Recon ensured that NFTs contribute to speculation, fGhost Recont trade and money wGhost Reconhing. It also feeds other crises and uses inefficient energy, which breaks with ecological values, according to their point of view.