Fortnite First matrix

A few days before the theatrical release of The Matrix Resurrections brings Epic Games first objects to the sci-fi series in the Battle Royale shooter. During the day the items in In-game Shop will be available. Skins to the main characters of the film have not yet appeared. We introduce you to today’s Highlights.

The Matrix in Fortnite — these are the new content

A total of two new emotes Players may be and look Matrix fans. It is the famous Reclining Neo, in which he evades the approaching bullets in slow motion as well as the iconic Kick Trinity. In addition, there will be the weapon skins ones and zeros, of your rifle with green-black numbers covered. The prices are listed at the start of the Item Shop Fortnite.

Another Matrix object in all seasons of Fortnite

Who participated in the activities of the Winter Festival can look forward to one of the gifts on the Sentinel gliders, which also belongs to the Matrix series. Until 6 . January 2022 can open a package within the framework of the event players daily. Grab ye every day your gift, you will receive sooner or later the Sentinel glider.

Will Neo and Trinity as skin in Fortnite?

Epic Games still has not presented any outfits that represent the two main characters from The Matrix. But it is quite possible, will be that with the upcoming theatrical release more content. Keanu Reeves has done it as John Wick already in the Battle Royale shooter.

When does The Matrix Resurrections to the movies?

As of 23 . December 2021, the next part of the famous sci-fi series are considered in Germany. Among other things, have returned Carrie-Anne Moss in their roles as Neo and Trinity Keanu Reeves and. For the director was in charge again Lana Wazowski.

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