New World After server merge your Housing should be

Each, now to say that there is nothing but trouble in New World, would be exaggerated. For the fact that the developers of Amazon Game Studios have brought together in recent days dozens of game worlds to the large server merge, everything is actually surprisingly good. Apart from that, every active Sternum Crack in Bald will get a free fraction reset. Yes, everyone else. Does not say you would not be warned ^^


Well, according to the server merges, however, a problem can occur and community manager Alexandra will not be tired in the New World Forums that you may have to re-place your trophies in your Housing area — even if you appear as placed.

Housing trophies reset

We have discovered a problem where some residential trophies seem to be placed, but may have to be re-placed to get the buff. The team will continue to observe this situation and update if necessary, writes Alexandra in the forums. Say: Do you want to continue to benefit from the helpful bonuses of your trophies in the Housing area, then it is best again. As soon as the developers of Amazon Game Studios have come to the problem of the problem, you will learn from us Or just in the New World Forums.

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