Gran Turismo 7 Behind the Scenes video describes the new realism

Gran Turismo 7 - Powered by PS5 (Behind The Scenes) | PS5

With the Behind The Scenes video, Sony Development Studio Polyphony Digitally delivers regular insights into the next year appearing recording Gran Tourism 7 (from 69.98 € for pre-order). In the new episode, Studioochef as well as serial creator Samundri Yamaguchi explains which role the hardware of the PlayStation 5 and the danseuse controller play to reach a new level of realism within the series with the title. According to Yamauchi-San, the new console generation makes it possible not only in visual terms, but with the haptic feedback as well as the analog trigger of the pad, also play-mechanically a realistic driving experience on which you have worked on since the start of the series. Gran Tourism 7 will be published on March 4,2022, for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Last current video: Behind The Scenes Powered by PlayStation 5