Response Open World RPG Sands of Salzaar Official Release Learn the army and survive

HAN-SQUIRREL STUDIO worked last year also introduced HAN-SQUIRREL STUDIO Eastern World RPG SANDS OF SALAZAR ( Debit Barbuda ) is officially released after early access. Yes. This work challenges a magnificent battle with a powerful army to the fantasy world where the dispute over the kingdom’s control over the kingdom is unfolded in the vast sand dunes.

Customizable hero, open world story mode, freely searching sandbox mode, encounter with various characters, trading beyond border, unique talent release, etc., and every time you play player It is said that new challenges and experiences are waiting to be reflected.

In the game, it is also possible to connect with the enemy’s faction in the diplomatic tactics, but in the official release version 1.0, a reinforcing system by AI, the title of the tribal, and a new love system between NPCs is added, and Social relationships are more diverse and dynamic. Besides, we have a variety of improvements such as character skills and weapon units, new UI, bonus side quests, and MOD support.

Sands of Salazar is delivered for normal price 1,520 yen for Windows. It will be 912 yen off by 40% until December 30th.

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Sands of Salzaar - Open World Sandbox Warparty Leading RPG Strategy!

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