Online Requiem will be closed in January And we will not regain your characters

The latest Requiem Case, which — because of its poor quality — will soon be closed.

But not permanently, only temporarily. Developers need a sacred peace to fix the game and after a few months (???) to provide us with a much better product.

This will be the first of many posts that we will publish in the future. A few weeks ago, we announced that the game would be interrupted that our team began working on the game. Since then, we’re reading all your posts and comments on this topic, and we are very excited about your reception. We know that there are many questions about the development of requiem, and we are here to share some answers.

One of the main questions was when we officially close the current requiem?

Requiem will pass the final maintenance on January 31, 2022. Until then, before we go to Offline, we will do some events with you.

What will happen to our figures?

Unfortunately, when we launch a new version of the game, all players will have to start again. Reasons for this is a lot that we share:

First, we want a new game to be the same for everyone, both new and old players.

Secondly, many fundamental balancing changes will be introduced in the game, which will result in serious changes in skills, classes, objects and attributes. Original Requiem was not to be scaled above 70 — you could see that skill modifiers or bonuses were not scalable to content.

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Finally, we adjust the maximum level of the game. Currently, we do not have a fixed goal, but when we settle, we will turn to all of you.

What do you currently work on?

At the moment, some of our team still collect feedback, test the current version of the game and check the current game balance. We will use the collected information and cooperate with our engineers to indicate the areas where the game requires improvement or corrections. Some of the errors we have received from you are such as abnormal playback, error messages when starting a client and transformation failures.

We really appreciate all the information you will deliver. They are valuable and necessary, therefore we ask for further transmission to our website.

In brief:

Closure of servers are scheduled for January 31, 2022
The database will be reset, so we will not recover your characters
The band currently collects feedback and checks the Balance game

So there is not much time to enjoy the current online request.

Welcome here.