Elden Ring Community Fears Massive Spoiler to Leak

The release of fromSoftwares the latest fantasy epic is still about two months away. However, fans have to take eight in front of spoilers, because online already circle details about dialogues, action and game mechanics.

Elden Ring: Major Leak, Spoilers confirmed by TGA trailer!
With Elder Ring, from software 2022 turns the spiritual successor to the popular Dark Souls trilogy. The gloomy fantasy adventure should be released on the 25th February 2022 — Gamer on Reddit, however, already fear comprehensive spoilers, because Detainees have apparently published details about the upcoming epic.

Elder Ring: Players warn against spoilers

In the Subreddit of Elder Ring, a new post describes that no lactic content is divided or discussed. According to the post office Datamyne received secret information about the game by closed network tests. For this purpose, details about the action and game mechanics as well as pictures are to count.

POST also illustrates that Do not fully verify spoilers from Datamyne sources and therefore may also contain and distribute false information.

Dark Souls Successor with Open World Formula

The cooperation of fromSoftware and Game-of-Thrones author George R.R. Martin has been expected since the first announcement at E3 2019 with high voltage. In November this year, fans of difficult and atmospheric adventures received a 15-minute insight into the Gameplay of Elder Ring.

In contrast to the Dark Souls Trilogy Elder Ring will therefore put on an Open World, which is populated by all sorts of dangerous creatures. You can then get to know this new fantasy world in February and explore themselves to your heart’s content — hopefully you will be spoiled by spoilers of every kind.

Take a look at the story trailer to Elder Ring:

The Dark Souls’ successor Elder Ring has appeared on the Internet through Datamyne spoilers for action and the game mechanics. The Subreddit for the coming fantasy epic now warns urgently in front of the treacherous details.