NFL New England Patriots secure marketing

The New England Patriots have secured the marketing rights for Germany and are allowed to organize WatchPartys, player appearances and football camps from 2022. That made the franchise known on Wednesday on their homepage.

This year, the NFL for the first time awards international territorial rights within the framework of the International Home Marketing Area (IMA) program. The patriots are the first team to which such rights outside the home market were granted, more will follow.

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Already earlier this year, the NFL had announced so-called international home markets for which all 32 NFL franchises could apply. Among other things, the Patriots got the contract for the German market. As team from Foxborough / Massachusetts indicated, the social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok has the most German followers of all teams and therefore sets the focus outside the US in German. This was already commented on the fact that, for example, the preseason games of the Patriot’s outdoor Livestream were commented on their own homepage with the German commentary of the former professionals Markus Kuhn and Sebastian Volume.

If we talk about international markets, Germany has always been the most passionate American football fans, said Patriots owners and CEO Robert. Since I’ve bought the team in 1994, we worked hard to enlarge our global fan base. Kraft continued: We look forward to interacting with the German fans in the context of this NFL initiative in a new and creative way with the German fans and can hardly expect to complete a game in Germany.

In addition, the patriots refer to their German players. Whole was the Right Tackle of the Patriots of 2009 and until 2016 and won the team after the 2014 season the Super Bowl — 2016 he lacked injury, but was part of the squad, which won Super Bowl Li against the Atlanta Falcons. Kuhn in turn was after all in 2016 in the off season squad of the team, but did not manage the leap in the active squad. Currently, FULLBACK JAKOB JOHNSON is under contract at the Patriots. He came through the International Pathway Program to New England and has been in the active squad since 2019.

NFL: Details of the International Home Marketing Area

The NFL’s International Home Marketing Area (IMA) is a groundbreaking new initiative of the NFL, the selected teams access to international territories for marketing, fan binding and commercialization as part of long-term and strategic efforts gives their global Build brands and promote fan growth at international level.

As part of this IMA program, the selected teams have access to international markets for at least five years. In this timeframe, these teams have the right to pursue activities that move in the scope that is also entitled to them in their regional markets. These include digital marketing and marketing on-site, company sponsorships, fan events and activities, the sale of fan articles and marketing partnerships with other sports and other entertainment companies in the respective market. In addition, the selected teams will open offices in each country to be closer to the corresponding market.

The selected clubs can start their activities in the respective market on January 1, 2022.

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In addition, the NFL wants to further strengthen its commitment to international games. It is already clear that all 32 Teams of the league will spend at least a game on international ground in the coming eight seasons. The league will endeavor to carry out the clubs in Wren respective international markets.