FIFA 22 Next Generation is broken when does you get your gifted cards

After a long wait for Firefight 22, to distribute the Next Generation gifts. But due to a mistake at the Mbappé card, just nobody gets one of the cards first.

What is this for an event? Next Generation was announced in November and includes 6 special cards for certain players with changed values. These are the following footballers:

LF: Dylan Mbappé (86)

KM: Eduardo Camping (81)
KM: Jude Bellingham (81)
COM: Phil Modern (85)
LF: Christian Politic (83)
LV: Theo Hernandez (85)

How to get the cards? Actually this should be a simple thing: the only requirement is that you should have logged in to FIFA 22 until January 14, 2022, to get one of the cards randomly.

Today, on 15 December, the distribution of cards to the players should start. And for a short time she did that too — but the whole thing is deactivated again.

Players pull striker-mbappé — Next Generation is currently not available

This is the problem: Apparently an error occurred at the MBAPPÉ card: Actually, the Frenchman should be included as LF, i.e. as a left wing player in the Next-Generation pack. But players moved the French as a St, so striker, from the pack.


On Twitter you already went to the problem on the FIFA Direct Communication Channel : We have temporarily disabled the distribution of the Next Generation Player Item Packs while we work to fix a problem, says official site (via Twitter).

You are now working to equate the Next Generation Player Item Pack with the correct version before the pack is made accessible again to all. How long that will take, but is still open — we keep you up to date.

What happens to the Mbappé? Players who moved the wrong Mbappé should get the correct LF variant as soon as it is found to be affected. However, this could take a little time, this is called FIFA Direct Communication.

While not clear when exactly players can access Next Generation, something new is known: the icon swaps will officially start today. Everything about Icon Swaps in FIFA 22 can be found here.