Fortnite Patch Notes zum Update 19 01 Winter Event Superlevel

The Video game Honors are an annual award ceremony that profits services in the video game industry. At the festivities are also ideas of new titles and thorough want to see already announced games. The shows are created as well as regulated by Geoff Kafka, that has actually benefited over 10 years on its precursor, the Spike Video Clip Video Game Honors.

Epic Games releases the Fortnite Update 19.01. The new patch has been ready since today’s downtime: The Battle-Royale shooter went offline at 9 o’clock for maintenance. Meanwhile, the developers have submitted the patch notes and thus details about the changes and innovations. How to communicate the developers on their website, the patch returns the winter festival. However, the activation is not today, but shortly. A concrete start date does not call EPIC. Detainees have finally found that the winter festival begins on 16 December. Players are expected to be happy again on numerous gifts and challenges.

Super level styles get

In the meantime, you can unlock the Super level Styles of this season if your level is already high enough, writes Epic Games in the patch Notes to Fortnite Update 19.01. If you can do it this season over Level 140, you can be for Santa, Robin, Lt. John Lama, Harlow and Spider-Man The Super level Styles FotoGeagativ, scarlet blackening and gilded reality unlock.

There are also individual balancing adjustments. Thus, the ammunition indicator of the Stitches Machine Gun is now updated in the post-charging animation earlier. The same applies to the Repeater Hunting Gun. Among other things, the automatic shotgun and the Striker Pumpkin were adapted by hotfix in the past week. In addition, the young fountain restore the condition faster than before.

Split Screen returns

Everything You Need to Know About the Fortnite v19.01 Update - WINTERFEST & Super Level Styles

With the update 19.01, the splits screen also returns, which had previously been temporarily disabled because of an error. Furthermore, the developers create an error from the world where players sometimes did not restart when the restart was performed on restart buses of more than one team member. In addition, when sliding or using the hanging ladder, the screen should not wobble as much as in previous game versions.

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