Starfield will come with dubbing in Spanish Bethesda confirms in which languages spatial RPG will be launched

There are only 11 months left for the launch that is for many one of the most anticipated video games of 2022, and although there is still a lot to know about the development of Bethesda we already know that Star field will arrive at stores in Spain with voices in Castilian as the company promised a few months ago.

The information comes through its file in Steam, where the company owned by Xbox has confirmed Complete Location of the Title to French, German, Japanese and English In addition to the aforementioned Spanish of Spain. The video game will also have texts in Italian, Polish, Portuguese of Brazil, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Bethesda will continue to bend games

Starfield Sounds Great But Can Bethesda Deliver?

However, the news was to be expected. In summer, we echoed ourselves in 3D games of a message from Bethesda Spain where he claimed not changed anything about his politics to bring folded the large launches of the American company. Now it is only necessary to wait for the launch of a trailer where we can begin to assess the location work done by the national subsidiary of the distributor.

The last work in this sense we saw him recently with Death loop, with a great interpretive level As already has us used Bethesda.

Returning to Star field, his leaders are going down little by little details about the video game, although we will have to wait a few months for a more complete advance, publishing daily developments where he deepens, for example, in his differences with Skyrim thanks to A more realistic and scientific background. If you want to know more, you can consult the special Star field, how will your open world be?