Nam Gong Hoon Representative Residents

Angry Bosses | 불상사 [Gag Concert / 2017.06.03]
Cacao Games announced on the 10th that the representative of each of the South Korea is the Future Initiative Center of Cacao, to focus on competencies. On the past first day, Nam Longhorn, a Cacao Future Initiative Center, with the Chairman of the Cacao, along with Kim Bum SU’s Chairman, and the global market for the future of the Cacao community and the future food, and excavation of future food. Meanwhile, Cacao Games switched to Jogye-hyun alone and announced a new launch. In addition, as a senior vice president, Han Sang-woo CSO is a senior vice president, conducting an executive person, such as An yang CTO, and collects power for Season 2. The company said it would be a business system to strengthen global game market competitiveness for Cacao Games Season 2 and expand the width of change and growth.