These were the most searched video games of 2021 in Google Mexico

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2021 is coming to an end, so it is time to start talking about this year’s most popular games, series and movies. On this occasion we will review which ones were some of the most wanted things in Google of Mexico of the last twelve months, and surely many of these results will end up surprising you.


1. Squid Game.

2. WandaVision.

3. Bridgerton.

4. Cobra Kai.

5. The discouraged one.

6 . Sex Education.

7 . Loki.

8 . Who killed Sara

9 . Kakegurui




Lo más buscado en Google este 2021 en México y a nivel mundial

2. Godzilla vs. Kong.

3. Venom

4. Black Widow.

5. Cruelly

6 . Rapid and furious 9

7 . Spider-Man: No Way Home

8 . Conjure 3.

9 . Halloween Kills

10 . Space Jam

Video game

1. Among Us.

2. Sausage Man.


4. Mortal Kombat

5. Briefly.

6 . Tap

7 . Fortnite Tracker.

8 . Minecraft

9 . Fora Horizon 5.

10 . Garlic Phone.

At least in the case of video games, it is surprising that there is not really any really so important. I mean, it seems that the vast majority of them are cellular games, and the only years that we can see out there would be Fortnite and forza horizon 5. We do not know what Mortal Kombat refer, but there is.

Editor’s note: The fact that Among Us has been the most searched game in Mexico at 2021 means that we may be underestimating the popularity of this title. Yes, he had his moments but according to I never became as popular as Fortnite.