The next closed border beta test starts start 2022

The closed beta game test of The Cycle: Frontier is completed, with the great dismay of its rapidly growing community in the world of video game. The game was able to get a majority of positive comments from its players during the weeks when the beta test was online. Some seasoned players even compared it to another game of survival sand bin, Escape from Markov.

Fortunately for the fans of The Cycle: Frontier, the Eager developer confirmed that they will soon have another chance to relive the game. The developers have revealed that another closed beta is on track. Fans expect the game to happen during the first half of next year.

According to several reports, the closed beta test should be launched at the earliest in March 2022. This expected period of course does not include unforeseen circumstances and circumstances that could affect the development of the game.

The next Play test period will always be available for a selected sample. This would be aimed at ensuring that everything takes place as planned from a technical point of view. The server stability is one of the aspects of the game that is of utmost importance. Those who were able to participate in the recent closed beta test have undergone several server failures. This would be due to a massive influx of players.

Players who wish to register for the next The Cycle: Frontier can do it right now. Those who were part of the newest would automatically get invitations for the following.

In addition, since The Cycle: Frontier is extremely influenced by Escape from Markov, it will also probably include periodic progress scan on a seasonal basis. Whenever a WIPE occurs, players will no longer have their accumulated boot. This means that they will lose all currencies, resources, weapons and other non-cosmetic equipment.

These seasonal cleanings would take place every few months to ensure that all the players of The Cycle: Frontier will be on an equal footing.

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