Grid Legends Will Codemasters Series Grand Racing Games Continue

Colin McRae Rally, short CMR, is a racing collection developed by Code masters for different computer game systems and imitating the Rally Globe Championship. Name for the game was the successful Scottish rally motorist Colin McRae (1968-2007), the rally world champ of 1995. The initial part of the collection appeared in 1998.

Code masters has returned a long way in recent years and published the excellent Dirt 5 last year, which was mightily impressive on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. The studio was also created by EA to its most important racing game machine (Sorry Need for Speed), which led to the latest F1 game for a furor.

With Grid Legends, the next game of Code masters, the trend of the studio will continue to publish great racing games. Grid Legends lays a gear higher compared to the Grid Game 2019, with which the series was restarted.

It is clear that Code masters benefited from standing under the EA banner, with a racer that looks better and plays better than ever before. With an ambitious content plan, the complete absence of microtransactions and tons of modes and lead types that are packed at the start, it looks as if Grid Legends could make the players just as much as they packed during my playing session.

My great knowledge from a recently performed practical preview with Grid Legends is that the tailor-made engine has never looked better of Code masters. With stunning, newly designed lighting systems and reflections of the new generation, the race was greasy over the snow-covered, paved streets of Moscow or by the nocturnal lights of London. Add the improved vehicle control and get a decent dipping on the route.

The increase to 22-player races is also a plus, and Grid Legends constantly feels intense and challenging, so they can focus on the racing precision.

I’ve played this preview of a PC, but new generation consoles will provide 4K support next to a 120-FPS power mode, which will undoubtedly enjoy long-standing grid fans. Combine this with full cosplay for online modes, the ability to quickly enter partially completed races and play many tailor-made routes in the racing editor. Gaming experience for every fan of traditional racing games.

In addition, the Career Mode of the game offers a variety of lead types, including for the first time an electric vehicle series and the return of fan favorites such as drift and battle-royal-like eliminator mode.

While most of them great fun made, some other events worked as the multi-class race, not so good. They often felt unfair and unbalanced, but I hope Code masters will fix this before publishing the game in February.

In addition, the game prompts you to pay the repairs of your vehicle with your in-game revenue in the career mode, which confused me, considering that the number of players has been raised to 22 and focused on the game on tight race. Scrapers and scratches are inevitable, and it feels like that as if one can turn too easy too easily. All of this meant that I ended every race and 75% -80% of the money deserved during this race had to pay for vehicle repairs, which in my opinion will cause some progress to progress.

It seems to give perks that you can buy in story mode Driven to Glory (which I could not try), but it is unclear whether these perks affect the vehicle repair costs and whether this is transferred to other modes.

One thing that enhances Grid Legends is the lack of an infinite re-spool function. Although the game offers a number of accessibility options, it is missing in this department. I am not someone who often makes hardcore racing experiences, and as such, I was frustrated because I was rammed from the racetrack from an overly aggressive I racer.

I played GRID Legends Early... any Good?
Racing games are becoming more accessible, but I would like to come to the point where I can easily enjoy the racing experience, the grid offers without having to sacrifice a whole race because I assumed the rewind.

Despite these sticking points, Grid Legends feel like the first genuine middle field racing experience of the new generation, which combines realistic with fun and creativity with numerous cars, routes and modes to deal with them.

And allowing everything without having to create hand with the documentary mode, Driven to Glory ‘in Netflix style, where you play the best moments of different racers in a season. Although I was disappointed not to play this mode, I’m curious how the more ambitious parts of this game will develop and whether it will be the first traditional racing game that meets me and busy me.