Gladbach Max Eberl is behind Adi H tter

Questions about possible consequences called Russia’s sports director as absurd. It’s not seriously topic that a coach is questioned after two defeats? It is absurd that I have to talk about it. I miss the words, Ebert explained after the final whistle and also realized: You decide For a path — and that is, go through thick and thin.

Currently, there are again difficult times that go through Ebert, Hunter and the team. On October 27, FC Bayern’s DFB Cup was still shot with a spectacular 5-0 from the Russia Park. On Sunday, only 40 days later, the 0: 6 nightmare put the parties in a shock star.

Konstanz could not help Hunter so far

The foal elf remains a team of extreme. Also related to the season. Too much up and down. Too much zigzag course. Only the very weak start (four points after five match days, 16th place), then the considerable intermediate spurt (14 points from seven games) with the triumph over the Bavaria as a highlight and now the crash. Two defeats with ten goals against Cologne and Freiburg. Constance? This could not help Hunter so far.

Why you do not get a constancy, is the legitimate question, said Ebert and gave to have no statement on Sunday night. I have to let it go first, what happened there. Today, the internal work-up will follow, certainly with plain text towards professionals and the demonstration of the six-goal horror videos. At the long end, Ebert looked ahead, we can only do it with performance again. The sports chief stressed: With 18 points from 14 games, we are definitely not satisfied.

Not only to Hunter stick the two youngest clapping. The professionals themselves have to wonder why their achievements remain behind their own claims. The team wants to go back to Europe, most likely to play Champions League — and not only brings out there so well (four points), but is now even at home against Freiburg completely apart.

Pure fear, pure desperation.

Max Ebert

Since the final phase of the Cologne game, when after the 1: 1 balancing was still treated with 1: 4, everything is blown away, which was built in the weeks before. For example, defensive stability. Because it was not always the catastrophic defensive behavior against the standard situations against Freiburg, although four goals after resting balls. Pure fear, pure desperation had made Ebert out of the team after the lightning residue, and so we have defended then. This term of ‘opened chicken pile’ — that was the same today.

On Hunter a lot of work is waiting this week. A more consistent, more concentrated defender of your own goal is announced. More aggressiveness and assertiveness in the two-fighting. A higher readiness. Efficiency in the game forward. And a lot more. There are enough approaches that we have to work in the week, says Ebert. To make it better at the weekend in Leipzig.