Digital Showcase 2021 Mag 2021 a complete success with new viewer record

On Sunday evening, the MAK Online 2021 came after three days full of streaming program and live competition in the virtual city Mag City to the end. More than 4,000 players visited the mixture of virtual fair, streaming show and community competition. The streaming program reached 600,000 views and thus 20% more than in the previous year. In addition to exciting interviews, there were various challenges, but also gaming streams and even cooking deposits with Star Influencers such as FISHC0P, Lara Loft and Pietsmiet.

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Playing in the online game by coloring objects, with votes on social media as well as Via merchandise purchases, collect points for your team. The result was a literally colorful competition, which was mixed and accompanied by the live show on Twitch, and brought some surprising turns. In the end, however, only one team could win: with rich 54.304 points, team Megan (blue) secured the victory over Mag City. Team Maggie was just behind at 53,674 points. The Mag 2022 will get a new color painting.

Managing Director of Super Crowd, Wolf Lang, reported: A weekend full of emotions go over. We are very pleased that the new team mechanics in which may have provided online for so much tension. We thank all virtual visitors and spectators for a unique event.

Also Michael Dynasty, Managing Director of the Jesse Erfurt, shares the enthusiasm: We are pleased that we could also give you 2021 in the Jesse Erfurt in our modern streaming studios with your living room feel-good atmosphere a home. The multifunctional Greater Membership Bot best conditions for the production of the live show under safe conditions. Even if the colorful diversity of the Mag community live on site is very lacking, we are glad that the online version of the event could radiate the topic of games, manga, anime and cosplay from Erfurt into the world. The consistently positive feedback of the players, spectators, but also the Creator here confirmed that we can do with the decision that may once again perform only online for 2021.