Says the Senior Blizzard Test Analyst Products will suffer if you do not delete Bobby Kotick

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In recent months, Activision Blizzard has seen numerous accusations of racism, sexism and a culture of boys of fraternity. While the video game editor has instituted some changes, a growing choir of voices has pressed for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kick. Many feel that Kick has not done enough, and the recent accusations of the Wall Street Journal have accused the Director General to try to cover up the problems of the company. Today, the Senior Test analyst of Blizzard, Jessica González, announced the resignation of her to the company and, in the letter of her, argued that Kick is moving away from the editor’s talent.

His inaction of him and negative from him to take responsibility is expelled to a great talent and the products will suffer until they dismiss him from his position as executive director. This may seem hard, but he had years to fix the culture and observe the current situation of the company. »González writes, in a section aimed at Kick.

In the renunciation letter of her, González affirms that she believes that Activision Blizzard can be a great place to be », but there is a lot of work to be done. However, she also affirms that she is mentally wounded by this fight and has taken a position in a new company. However, that position will be outside the video game industry. Hopefully, González’s new work will offer a more welcoming environment away from the toxicity that currently surrounds Activision Blizzard.

González is not the only one who defends Kick’s resignation; This month, shareholders and employees of the company signed petitions asking for the exit of it. Meanwhile, companies such as Nintendo and Microsoft are reconsidering their labor relations with the editor. In spite of all this, the Board of Directors continues to support the role of Kick in Activision Blizzard. This is clearly frustrating for many, but it is possible that the situation becomes unsustainable as more employees are going and if the quality of the Blizzard Activision Games suffers. However, it is unfortunate that this is reached before something is done.

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