EPIC asks leaks to disclose anything in relation to Chapter 3 of Fortnite

Chapter 3 of Fortnite is on the horizon, and it seems that EPIC adopts a different approach with regard to the leaks of the game. According to several reports, EPIC asked for the famous fonts and data mines of Fortnite to abstain from all spoil.

Epic games asked the leaders to publish any leaks during the downtime of the V19.00, mentioned a strong leader. We understand why it’s an important concern for them and provided suggestions on how to operate their idea in good sense.

Although the leaders have promised nothing, they would have Evaluate if it’s a realistic idea.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Trailer
The relationship between EPIC and the relatively small group of EPIC leakers and data miners has always been tense. The tension increases significantly every time a new season or a new Fortnite chapter approach. Despite recent attempts to prevent leaks, a major teaser on Fortnite Chapter 3 has always fallen on social networks.

Looking at the overview, there seems to be spectacular changes in the Fortnite game map. In addition, Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, also joined us and published a video featuring a mysterious Fortnite relic.

For all those who have not seen yet but who wish it, here is the ad found on TikTok, the leader mentioned. I did not go to poster, but since it’s already all over the Internet, there is no reason to hide it.

The recently disclosed trailer shows a group of Chapter 3 characters from Fortnite standing at the edge of a cliff. They overlook the card. Suddenly, a lightning light plunges the whole scene into chaos. Everyone is immediately submerged, and we go momentarily seamlessly sees the underwater structures. A huge structure is shown, and when it falls, a new Chapter 3 strong card is revealed.

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