CALL OF DUTY WARZONE Its creators talk about the inclusion of FOV in consoles

Esports World Convention (ESC), previously Digital Sports Globe Cup, is an annual digital sporting activity event that brings with each other the best teams on the planet on computer game created or adapted to fights in between players. From all continents, these gamers contend for several days on their favorite game in order to come to be the globe champ of their technique.

A few days before the launch of the Pacific Island Call of Duty: War zone, developers have already announced several new features that will arrive in the Battle Royale.

In addition to disclosure of the points of interest, or changes related to the Gulag, also they come some modifications to equipment such as gas masks and Molotov cocktail. Furthermore, it appears that one of the most requested features on PlayStation and Xbox is about to join War zone : talking about changing the FOR.

is a fov slider coming to old gen consoles? ????
War zone consoles will FOR

On Twitter, the creative director of Call of Duty: War zone, Ted Timmons, spoke about this very crucial and important issue for console gamers. In fact, the latter has taken the time to answer some questions in the social network of blue bird, including the question adding FOR on PlayStation and Xbox.

According to him, the players should be a little more patient before you can find the patch notes will be available on December 8. According to him, developers bother to listen were taken to the community, since it seems that the function of the FOR change will soon be in the game.

Available Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the FOR you can change the field of view and allows you to play in better conditions. Surprisingly, it still was not available on consoles. On the other hand, PC gamers have it for some time active

Therefore, it will not be necessary to wait more than a few days before you can use this function to be of great benefit to console gamers. In fact, it should be available from the 8th and 9th December in Call of Duty: War zone, along with the release of Season 1.

As a reminder, players in possession of Vanguard will enjoy the new features 24 hours earlier.