FF14 Natsuki s Finale patch 6 0 play before 5 major elements summary

On December 7, 2012, the latest extension package Final Fantasy XIV Kabuki’s Finale will be delivered (Early Access starts December 3). So this time, for the Hidden, which wants to wait for a new adventure, pick up five elements to be noted at FF14 Katsuki Finale patch 6.0. Please refer to the patch 6.0 for reference.

1: Main Story with the largest volume of volume

The largest highlight content is the main story. So far, Hyde ring Zodiac Hen, which has been told by FF14, finally completes it.

Patch 6.0 Notes and Changes for FFXIV Endwalker
The completion of Stars and Life Story continued from ancient times has also been found to be drawn on the largest volume of the largest. It is also necessary to see what is the Hyde ring and thought of Javelin who have led the warrior of light.

Light warriors face the end of the world along with the members of the. In addition to the wise people of, there are many Hidden that you can not help but be worried about the enemy versus powered by Zeno’s, and Ladies in light are involved in the story..

2: New Battle Field Waiting for Light Warriors

Kabuki’s Finale will visit new cities and fields.

Old Sheratan is a city of knowledge that defects Kenji Salaam as a guardian god. Since Amino and Ali see’s family are here, there were many Hidden’s voices that newly find decisions in another direction.

Nathan has been told by FF14 many times as soon as the Couture Corporation, but you can actually visit in Kabuki’s Finale. As a result of trading cities, Hidden will be an important spot to obtain the latest equipment and valuable items.

New Battlefield is also opened. Buildings that are full of Lavigninsos, the capital of the Gale mar Empire, which have been enemies, the capital of the Gale mar Empire of Old Saharan, Sounding Sea of ​​lament.

If you find a spot that you are worried, you can enjoy shooting with the group pose function, the best of the new adventure.

3: New Battle Job Sage Liner

It is a new job Sorcerer and Liner that are focused on the main story. In order to advance the main story of Kabuki’s Finale in new jobs, there should be many Hidden who plans for leveling.

Sage is a barrier specialized healer like a scholar. It is characterized by using a new weapon category Kenya to repeat various healing magic and attack magic. In the pre-published trailer, the sage of Ricotta men who develop recovery and attacks will also be a topic.

Liner calls Avatar using a large game, and it is a proximity physics DPS that puts tricky attacks. Hidden fascinated by the coolness of the action continues.

In the main story trailer, you can also see that Zeno’s is in the form of a ripper with a large way. It is an image of a ripper with a nickname Harvester of soul.

Although it is a talk, completing the collecting business 500 times, you can receive the title The Reaper as the achievement reward. People who want to be the title but also the title as well as jobs?

4: New Tribe Vera Male Implementation

Character favorite people will also be paying attention to the new seed Vera Male. Jet Black Villains release, Tribe addition is the last official comment This time is the last, so this Vera male implementation has a lot of surprise voices.

Vera, which was implemented at the time of Jet Black Villains, was a woman-only, including NPC. At the Kabuki’s Finale, the character of Vera male is finally banned. In the patch-note-leading published edition published on December 1, you can also see that Vera Men’s NPC appears.

Patch 6.0 is played in Vera Men’s appearance! There are many people. Enjoying your favorite character, it is a point to enjoy FF14.

Although it was not in time for Kabuki’s Finale, the implementation of Portugal women is also forwarding. Let’s wait for the Los gal favorite person.

5: Add Housing Item

If you like the housing, it is also one of the pleasure to implement a new housing item. As the classes of chapter gatherer are also released, many production items are also added. If it is a conventional specification, some new housing furniture will be implemented at the same time as patch 6.0 publication.

Even with producer letter live, some furniture and exterior are already unveiled. I do not know which item can be obtained by any way, but people who want to enjoy the housing are always the point you want to check.

It will be a little earlier, but in patch 6.1, it will be possible to live in the new housing area EPIGRAM. Although it is a lottery system, people who have not owned a house yet and those who are planning to move may gather furniture in preparation for the chance of land purchase.

Many people are already preparing for the latest expansion package Kabuki’s Finale. Hidden Enjoy New Adventure of your thoughts!