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The journey between bosses and bosses is called chapters, which is fairly achieved in continuity of this part. It can be rejected if it is too new, and in the opposite case, it’s been boring… It is working to catch the balance.

Q. Pinocchio’s machine in the trailer was impressed. What is it to be attached here and what kind of kind is that kind. The body remodeling only applies to the left arm.

a. Choir Hi Won PD: The machine arm in

is called ‘Slave Cancer’. Slave cancer is a device that allows skill to be able to use skills, and it will be presenting eight or more slave cancer. In the case of strengthening, it is trying to implement the format that evolves into the pattern of the skill as well as the size of the specification.

I would like to introduce a system called blood institution. It is a system that is similar to the Skill Tree of , but it is a factor that you want to build up and build up. I would like to say that the body of blood is a system that can make a character as a user’s tendency. At first, I was considering being able to renovate other body parts, but the situation of departing the balance was often abandoned.

Q. What kind of weapons and attack methods are combined.

a. Choir Hi Won PD: We will produce more than 30 genuine weapons, and if you disassemble it and combine it with other weapons You can create hundreds of weapons. I do not just change the appearance, but I want to emphasize that performance, motion, and patterns are also changed a lot. We are focusing on making it enough to feel a new weapon according to the combination.

Q. Did the ending depends on the lie, and is it recommending multi-round play? How many endings are you?

a. Choir Hi Won PD: Basically, we plan to plan three or more ending branches.

As long as the story of this is so much, I want to make it to play with the Bud. This is because the story of human conflict is largely in a plot. I can find a variety of stories every ending.

Q. One time play will take some time.

A. Choir Hi Won PD: We are aiming for more than 30 hours of play time. Recently, in-house FIT was tested for two stages of the game, and there were many testers that spent five hours. I heard that it took a long time to study and practice a variety of combat systems, not the result of difficulty.

Q. Is there a function about communication such as collaboration with the user or spreading the battle? If you do not have any plans to be introduced, please do not.

A. Choir Hi Won PD: Multiplayer elements that directly affect the game are not considered. As the first Soul Liquid attempt, it is the most important thing that fun of single content is delivered to users. However, the means for indirectly communicating is sufficiently considered.

Q. The graphics of the game on the video are greatly popular. I put a point in some part to express a world view and character. Could I tell the approximate area,

a. Nova Guy AD: Personally, it is so enjoyable and happy to develop . Pinocchio’s concept itself is very favorable. We have met the fisheries to invite users in the 19th-century Belleopoke era in the 19th century Belgian Bells. Thanks to it, I had a lot of studying. It is hard to work hard to be able to emerge with multiple temperatures, beyond the reality only.

a. Choir Hi Won PD: In the game, chapters consisting of more than 15 different themes are scheduled to appear in a slurry form without loading. It is not an open world, but I want to take advantage of various devices to receive a corresponding feeling.

Q. There are not many cases where Korean developers developed AAA-grade console games. Is there any difficult point?

a. Choir Hi Won PD:. (Laughter) It is in developing with a pleasant mind than ever. When I created an existing online game, I had to worry about the game external factors. On the other hand, is very fun to play with the game performance without such an element. In addition, the round 8 studios is proud to be the console understanding on the chin developed by . Everyone is in progress without difficulty experience.

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Q. What is the performance of ?

His PC keeps crashing... let's figure out what went wrong...
A. Choir Hi Won PD: It seems to be nice to be able to continue the series. as well as a foundation that can make funny ways… Of course, it is good to have a big hit. (laugh)

Q. Are you considering a recent NFT application that hit the game industry?

A. Choir Hi Won PD: The developer was developer to have a developer to deliver pleasure that I felt while enjoying interesting works was to deliver to other users. If you consider realistic parts such as profitability, you would not have chosen this way. Everyone of the Round 8 Studio Members is developing with such a mind. It is a situation that is not considered outside the pure fun element. There are no plans for external elements such as NFT because it is a goal to shifting the best fun.

Q. Finally, ask for a word to the user.

a. Choir Hi Won PD: I want to tell developers of us as well as user. Developers do not simply think they have chosen this job for money. It was because of the cool and charm of the job itself.

Because of the recently beneficial NFT and P2E may have been confused to those who like pure game development. If you have a good game, you believe that someday is a good chance. Do not give up, study, try and try to catch the opportunity. It is a mind that our country wants to develop from a variety of forms of games to the power of the growing power.

a. AD: Comments felt that the level of users were very high. The development team is developing a game that has fun with all the heat and sex. I would like to wait for a little wide enough to make it as a level that can be impressed, then easily. I’ll show you good look.