SGV Freiberg Marcel S kler trumps against FC Nattingen

The SG Freiberg has settled on Saturday at the top: Because the Stuttgart er positive coronas because of some positive corona tests could Sportfreunde Dorfmerkingen not play at opponents and the Feinberger with FC Göttingen made short work, the boss is now five points.

PK nach dem 2:1 Heimsieg gegen Freiburg

At 7: 1 achieved Hermann penalty early lead (9). Then came the magnificent 16 minutes of Marcel Soccer, who scored a hat-trick 12 to 28 minutes. In the 2: 0 managed Göttingen initially though to clear a corner, but from the center circle flew a long ball into the box, and the Feinberger striker headed home from close range. The 3: 0 was one of the category dream goal. From a central position, around 25 meters from goal, Soccer laid down a lot of momentum and the ball went untenable in an angle. A little later, it popped, from the very top: After a fierce thunder interrupted referee Caroline Wacker because of the storm shortly the game. After about eight minutes, break it went on and Soccer also did not reside on the weather. In the 28th minute he made a cross from the left wing emotional stress over his head and deflected the ball so placed into the corner. 4: 0 after half an hour, which was strong stuff for Göttingen whose striker Dobro in the 33rd minute, however, gave a sample of his skills: After winning the ball in midfield FAN quickly turned around, Dobro sent steep, moved left and met into the right corner. The Gateway to 5: 1 Halftime score was probably belonged to the lighter exercises for Soccer: A flat pass from the baseline trickled in at the far post to SG striker who easily hit into an empty net. Conditions were clarified veteran Gutter (56th) and Inside (81) still increased to 7: 1st

Freiberg and the Stuttgart positive coronas will make up the first two places among themselves under the circumstances. Behind the relegation battle all about it go, (14) between the Topping SV (3) and the Sports Union Neckarsulm are just nine points. Right in the middle is the SSV Reutlingen, the more and more removed after poor start to the season of the rear seats. Good recovery from the recent 1: 4 in Göttingen, the former second division immediately tore the magazine of action itself before 315 spectators against the bottom club FM Lörrach-Brombach. After 17 minutes Kuengienda crossed precisely on the head of Data who brought the SSV in front. Eleven minutes later pounded Schweitzer a free-kick into the corner goalkeeper to 2: 0th Of Terrace not much came of it she could just allow before the break Data to shoot freely in front of goalkeeper Lucifer over. A cross on the mitgelaufenen Kuengienda would probably have been a better option. But Reutlingen did not have long quarrel, after the hosts had to date in control. Manaus let the three in the 64th minute after an energetic solo: 0 follow shortly thereafter shortened Eichmann. Now the FLB at one time was on the trigger, Banker forgave the possible 2 for a cross in the 80th minute: 3rd Thus, the SSV brought the home win with relatively little tremors across the finish line.

Göttingen presents

In pursuers duel — one unless both teams because of the large points gap at all may so designate — sat down on Saturday the 1st Topping SV 2: 1 at TSG Backing by. Lead (27) and Osiris (39) set in the first round, the course for the away win, the connection of Loris Maier after 76 minutes made at least for an exciting final phase.

Really strong SV Oberachern in the reserve of FC Astoria Walldorf crowed. The final score was 6: 1, Huber scored three goals and thus manifested the fourth win from their last five games. Next Saturday is the good form of the SO to the test, then it goes to the leader of Freiberg.

Get closer to the safe shore of SV Line came thanks to the 2: 1 against the league Nineteenth TSV Inshore. Rubio scored the 2: 1 both goals, the winning goal did not come until injury time. Narrow victories also celebrated the FM Ravens burg against PSV 08 Bietigheim-Bissingen and the first CFR Pforzheim at the Sports Union Neckarsulm (each 1: 0).

Sunday is still the encounter FC Rielasingen-Arlen against Freiburg FC on the plan.