Biathlon Single men in stersund today in the live ticker

Start in the new Biathlon World Cup season! In Swedish Öresund, the men are in singles over a total of 20 kilometers today. The live ticker for the race is here.

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After the ladies already started the beginning in the morning, the gentlemen are now on and off to start the new biathlon race year. Stay on it to miss nothing.

Biathlon: Single men in Öresund today in the Live ticker — before starting

Before starting: The five OSV starters

The team from Austria joins five athletes at the first races in Öresund. In addition to the already established biathlete Julian Eberhard, Simon Ever, David Combat and Felix Later, Magnus Oberhausen also received the trust of the coaches. The Villager was able to celebrate Quasi race and now celebrate its debut on the very big World Cup stage. At the moment I can not really believe that all and there is only great anticipation with me, the youngster reported before his first start in the World Cup.

Before starting: The German Team

The German men are allowed to exploit the starter rate in the nation ranking even this season again and may bring six athletes to the start. The focus of the team is clear on the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. Benedict Doll, Erik Lesser, Philipp Na wrath and Roman Sees were already celebrated before the first World Cup weekend. About her good training services, Justus Strew and Philipp Horn received one of the starting places in the team. Johannes Kuhn will happen in Öresund in the Second World Cup week and replace either Strew or Horn.

Before starting: Who are the favorites?

As a favorite for the men’s singles in Öresund 2021, there are little surprisingly the best placed of the preseason. This is on the one hand the dominator of the last three years, Johannes Thingies BO. The 28-year-old won the total World Cup 2019, 2020 and 2021. But also in addition, Norway can get out of full: there would be the older Brother Tare, the two young talents Stella Hold Agreed and Johannes Dale and numerous other young athletes. Similarly, the situation in France, where the men’s radar also has performance in width.

Before starting: the program for the next days

For the ladies and gentlemen, on the first weekend of the winter, a single and a shrinkage race are a total of four competitions on the prelude weekend on the program. Also in the following week the World Cup circus is guests in the Swedish Biathlon-Hochburg. With a sprint, a persecution and a relay, then continues.

Before starting: The events of the events is the ÖSTERSunds Substation in the Swedish province of Lapland.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the biathlon single race of men.

Biathlon: Single men in Öresund today in Live ticker — Transfer to TV and Livestream

As usual, it is also possible again this time to pursue the biathlon race in Öresund live and free.

Biathlon: Single men in Öresund today in Live ticker — Transfer to free TV

Anyone who wants to pursue the individual event of men live on TV and television today, has two options in free TV: either the public station IDF, where the World Cup prelude part of the program is SportStudio live. The second option is the private broadcaster EUROSPORT, which is expected to be from the match from 14.50 clock.

IBU World Cup Biathlon - Women 15km Individual Competition - ÖSTERSUND (SWE) 27.11.2021

Biathlon: Single of men in Öresund today in Live ticker — Transfer in the LiveStream

The same two options are therefore also available in the LiveStream via the Internet. About the zdf-mediathek is the live program, also free, available. On the LiveStream of Eurosport you get, among other things via the streaming service DAZN access. Here you can complete your subscription.

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Biathlon: Single men in Öresund today in the Live ticker — the schedule in Sweden

Date | Time | competition

Saturday, 27th November | 11.45 Ladies single races 15 kilometers
Saturday, 27th November | 3pm | Men single races 20 kilometers
Sunday, 28th November | 11.00 clock | Ladies Sprint 7.5 kilometers
Sunday, 28th November | 13.45 Men’s sprint 10 kilometers
Thursday, December 2nd | 13.45 Ladies Sprint 7.5 kilometers
Thursday, December 2nd | 4.30 pm | Men’s sprint 10 kilometers
Saturday, December 4th | 13.00 pm | Women’s persecution 10 kilometers
Saturday, December 4th | 15.10 Men’s Season 4 x 7.5 kilometers
Sunday, December 5 | 12.35 Ladies Season 4 x 6 kilometers
Sunday, December 5 | 15.15 Men’s persecution 12.5 kilometers