Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Saison 6 startet am 30 November

Next week, there are fresh rounds and costumes in case Guys: Ultimate Knockout and an Epic Games account is required.

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The hype is long ago, but popular and successful is Guys: Ultimate Knockout still. On November 30, the party fun goes to the next round, when season 6 begins. The has five new rounds for the virtual game show with Battle-Royale bonds in the luggage. With this is, for example, Pipe Dream, where it is paired by vacuum tubes, each of which can become a stumbling at any time. In airtime in turn, it’s about staying in the air as long as possible and not trust. Drums and paintballers can still save you in an emergency.

The new playing time in Case Guys: Ultimate Knockout also brings a new prestige path that contains many rewards, including more than 20,000 kudos and over 20 crowns. Of course, new outfits may not be missing. Season 6 offers more than 25 carnival costumes and in the course of an event you can earn a sack boy suit to look similar to the mascot of the LittleBigPlanet games of Sony. Furthermore, the final round Roll Off celebrates its way back in case Guys: Ultimate knockout and when you play in the group and leaves (or comes to the finish in time), the camera in the audience mode will automatically go to your colleagues in the future.

Fall Guys: Season 6 - Official Gameplay Trailer
Season 6 also brings a feature with that the players have long been waiting for a long time: Crossly between PC and PlayStation. The thing has only one hook: An EPIC Games account will therefore become a compulsory program. Without such a basis, your Case Guys: Ultimate Knockout can not play any more from November 30th, even if you can watch on a Sony console or steam. In these cases, you will then have to associate your PSN or Steam account with your EPIC GAMES profile. The advantage in addition to cross-platform multiplayer: You then take your progress from system to system, you should have bought the game several times. The account, which you are first linked to your EPIC Games account, will then be your main profile and all items that you have on the other platforms. If you have bought on a system LCS, you apply to the Support of Me diatonic, who helps you to transfer the content to your EPIC Games profile.