Microsoft Flight Simulator Douglas DC

PMDG Douglas DC-6: Now Available in Microsoft Flight Simulator
The Douglas DC-6 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator was developed by the development team of AMDG Simulations and offers a functional, highly detailed simulation full of realism and authenticity.

Based on one of the last airfareable DC-6 in the world, AMDG has authentically reproduced the aircraft, cockpit, instrumentation, flight characteristics, vibration properties, and mechanical systems and provided with a fully custom sound set, the pilot in the sensual experience Flying a classic propeller aircraft envelops.

The virtual flying engineer of AMDG can guide players from the start to landing through the experience, or their work is doing all the work. Reports him to take over all systems, checklists and engine management tasks so that you can enjoy the flight experience while learning to fly this sophisticated, extremely capable airliner.

The package contains both the DC-6A (cargo) and the DC-6B (passenger) version of the aircraft, along with optional variations of the nose shape and window configurations, which were once used by airlines around the world.

The AMDG Douglas DC-6 is offered for a limited time at a special price of 54.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros in the In game Marketplace of the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for Xbox Series X | S with Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10 and 11 with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam.