Martha Is Dead goes to 2022 but specifies his release date

Announced in the fall of 2019, Martha Is Dead finally released February 24, 2022, in the middle of a well-charged schedule. Expected on PC, Xbox consoles and PlayStation consoles, this new psychological Thriller at the first person promises to Brink the lines between reality, superstition and war tragedy.

Developed by LKA ( The Town of Light ) and Caracas Games, two Italian studios, Martha Is Dead tells us the story of Giulia, daughter of a German soldier, including the twin sister, Martha, is found drowned in the Tuscan countryside while the conflict between allies and axis reaches its paroxysm.

The game announces an authentic atmosphere, especially thanks to the support of a reinterpreted period soundtrack but also to dubbing in Italian. He also promises to take us to a faithful recreation of Tuscany, that it will be possible to explore on foot, boat or bike. Newspapers, telegrams and other radio broadcasts will also allow the player to remain anchored in the historical context of the time.

In parallel, playable sequences of puppet theater will allow Giulia to bring out repressed memories, while the tarot will let her invoke the spirit of the lady.

Martha is Dead - Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Martha Is Dead — Trailer of the release date