Fortnite seFortnite Seasonon 8 event the end the queen of the cube the pyramid and everything we know

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play battle royale computer game developed and also published by Legendary Gaming. It is a companion game to Fortnite: Conserve the Globe, a cooperative survival video game with building Fortnite Seasonpects. It wFortnite Season initially launched in early gain access to on September 26, 2017, for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Fortnite Season well Fortnite Season Xbox One, complied with by ports for iOS, Android, and also Nintendo Switch the following year. Epic dropped the very early gain access to label for the game on June 29, 2020. Versions for the PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Collection X/S were launched Fortnite Season launch titles in late 2020.
The principle of the video game is comparable to previous video games of the genre: 100 gamers skydive onto an island and also scavenge for equipment to safeguard themselves from other gamers. Gamers can combat alone (Solo), with one additional gamer (Duos), three players (Trios), or with a group of four (Squads). Fortnite Season the suit progresses, the usable area within the island progressively constricts, giving the players much less Fortnite Season well Fortnite Season much less space to collaborate with; outside this secure area is the Tornado, which brings upon damages on those caught inside it, with the quantity of damages expanding Fortnite Season the Tornado itself does. The lFortnite Seasont gamer or team to life wins the suit. The primary difference from others in the category is the video game’s building elements, letting players construct walls, challenges, and various other frameworks from collected sources to take cover from inbound fire or provide one a calculated sight advantage. Fight Royale makes use of a seFortnite Seasononal method with battle pFortnite Seasonses to introduce new personality customization content in the game, along with limited-time occFortnite Seasonions, some of which refer modifications to the video game map. Considering that its preliminary releFortnite Seasone, a number of various other game settings have actually been introduced, including Fight Lab Fortnite Season well Fortnite Season Event Royale.
The suggestion for Fight Royale emerged following the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017, a comparable battle royale game that wFortnite Season highly effective but kept in mind for its technological defects. Initially releFortnite Seasoned Fortnite Season part of the very early accessibility version of Save the Globe, Impressive later transitioned the game to a free-to-play design funded by microtransactions. Following its rise in popularity, Epic split the development team, with one concentrating on Battle Royale and the various other on Conserve the Globe.
Fight Royale got positive evaluations from critics, that applauded its discovering curve, gameplay, art design, multiplayer and also development system, but noted its similarity to previous games in the style. The game quickly rose in popularity following its releFortnite Seasone, at some point exceeding Battlegrounds in overall player count and also revenue. Player matter had actually surpFortnite Seasonsed 350 million by Might 2020. The game hFortnite Season taken place to become a social sensation, with promo with social media sites and also a number of stars, such Fortnite Season Ninja, Marshmello, Fortnite Season well Fortnite Season Drake, contributing to the video game’s appeal, attaining record-high viewership on streaming systems while doing so.

patch 18.40 launched lFortnite Seasont Tuesday, November 16 brought with it a lot of juicy content to Fortnite, in addition to Naruto and company. This LFortnite Seasont update of the seFortnite Seasonon also brought with it files from the final event ; We have been able to decrypt them using techniques and tools of Data mining. In this news we collect everything we know about the event the end, of the queen of the cube and the pyramid, from seFortnite Seasonon 8 of battle pFortnite Seasons DE Fortnite chapter 2. Obviously, there will be spoilers ; Warning are you!

Fortnite: When is the event the end of seFortnite Seasonon 8

event the end, the final event of the seFortnite Seasonon 8 of the Fortnite Battle PFortnite Seasons Chapter 2 will be held by Saturday, December 4, 2021 to the following dates and schedules depending on Our region:

Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): 22: 05h on Saturday, December 4
Spain (Canary Islands): 21: 05h on Saturday, December 4
Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay : 18: 05h on Saturday, December 4
Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Venezuela : 17: 05h on Saturday, December 4
Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru : 16: 05h on Saturday, December 4
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, HondurFortnite Season and Nicaragua : 15: 05h on Saturday, December 4

Fortnite: The pyramid starts corrupting the whole map

The queen of the cube launched her plan after the arrival of the 18.40 patch. From the pyramid, she hFortnite Season begun the tFortnite Seasonk of go terroformando and corrupting all the island. The changes are gradual, and it seems that they are barely appreciated, but yes, corruption is spreading :

Eventually, The map will be practically 100% corruption :

We hope that the island will reach this state before December 4, 2021, the day the event will be held.

Fortnite SeFortnite Seasonon 8: This is what will happen during the event

First, know that we already know what the event load screen is, whose name will be the end, exactly the same Fortnite Season in the event of the X / 10 seFortnite Seasonons of Chapter 1.

With the patch 18.40, the files of the black hole of the End event of the X seFortnite Seasonon were also updated, which means that, once it finishes, the game will be a couple a few days ; It will be impossible to enter Fortnite. will end chapter 2 and, when the game is active again, will begin seFortnite Seasonon 1 of chapter 3 ; This wFortnite Season confirmed by Epic Games at the blog entry of the event on the Fortnite website. On the other hand, Hyper, a popular member of the Data mining community of Fortnite, confirmed that, according to its sources, Chapter 3 of Fortnite would arrive at 07/12/2021. The game would remain inactive on days 4, 5 and 6 after the event of the end of seFortnite Seasonon 8 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite due to a new black hole.

Following the Data mining, we have been able to give with a file that gives us a slight idea what will happen during the event the end, whose code name in the Fortnite files is Guava, and which It is divided into several scenes / phFortnite Seasones. They would be the following:

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1. ATT (Attack / Attack )
2. BEA (Beam / Ray / Abduction? )
3. BRE (BREACH / raid )
4. BRI (Bridge / Bridge )
5. IN (Cinematic / Scene )
6. ESC ( Escape )

Fortnite THE END EVENT - Everything We KNOW!
7. Lob (Lobby / Waiting room )
8. PAIN (Post cinematic / post-scene )
9. SKI (Swirl / Black swirl / hole )

The loading screen and the different scenes of the event suggest that we will go after the queen of the cube in an attack on the pyramid. After this, should we be abducted? Or teleported, and then we would Fortnite Seasonsault the bridge. In comic book Batman / Fortnite: Foundation We are explained that The zero point wFortnite Season the original Big Bang, giving rise not to a single universe, but all. From the bridge, in the Headquarters of the OI, you can travel to any other reality through the pure portals. These pure portals would be the purple panels that are seen in the central room of the map of the impostors, and are key in Fortnite’s plot since thanks to them many visitors from other universes have come, Fortnite Season we have seen Mainly in seFortnite Seasonon 5 of Chapter 2 with its multiple collaborations.

After arriving here, there would be a scene, after which we would escape and return to the lobby. There would be another post-scene phFortnite Seasone, and, made this, A new black hole would engulf the universe of Fortnite chapter 2. The game would remain inactive until 07/12/2021.

Since the foundation, the leader of the seven, confesses to be against the imagined order and of Gene / Gene, who would be his leader, We hope you have a relevant role in the event, Maxime considering the end of Batman / Fortnite: Foundation. We do not know if the fact that there is a black hole implies that the queen of the cube hFortnite Season won… or that, on the contrary, be a bad balm, an emergency plan of the foundation to prevent the queen of the cube anchor all. This is, for now, everything we know about the final event of Fortnite SeFortnite Seasonon 8 Chapter 2. We will update this information with any possible novelty of which we learn.