Kojima Productions opens a division of series cinema and music in Los Angeles

‘Death Stranding’ & ‘Silent Hill’ Developer Kojima Productions Launches TV & Film, Music Division

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KOLYMA PRODUCTIONS has announced the opening in the angels of a new division dedicated to series, cinema and music: The team aims to expand the scope and knowledge of the intellectual properties that are now under development in Kolyma Productions, and making them a part of popular culture, explained Riley Russell, who will lead the division after 28 years working in the PlayStation shopping department. Although we are a global organization, the new economic development team will be focused on Los Angeles. We are very excited, and we hope to work with the best talent of the entertainment world through the different industries ».

As Ohio Fukuoka has detailed, the new director of the commercial department, in the statement published by the company, this division will be focused on finding new ways of entertaining and telling stories aimed at the fans of Kolyma Productions, exploring the narrative beyond What video games allow. It has not been detailed in which projects this division is working right now or clues about the next game that is already under development.

Last March, the art director of Kolyma Productions, Yogi Shankara, insinuated that we would soon be news about the next game of the company. The title, which leads to development since mid 2020, could be the most terrifying game in history to which the Video Kolyma was referenced in November 2019 and for which he claimed to be documenting. At the moment, we know that this second project has been affected by the complications derived from the pandemic and has needed the study to significantly increase the equipment.