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Amazon Game Studios has held word and finally published the big November update ins disaster for the online role-playing game NEW WORLD (from 39.99 € for pre-order). For the appropriate maintenance, the developer team has shut down the servers at 14:00 this noon. If everything goes to plan, they will be online at 18:00, delays can never be completely ruled out in such a comprehensive update.

But what does the update actually offer everything? One of the highlights should certainly count the so-called ominous gauntlets as a new weapon. These scales both with the attributes intelligence and concentration, which represents a novelty in New World. By the way, you can not only share damage with the cuffs, but also support allied players — so ideal for groups. Furthermore, the Lagrangian knights as a new opponent type in combat. These heavily armored warriors are under the command of a mysterious war chest named Varix The Hammer Nov, who certainly leads nothing good in the shield. The knights were seen mainly in the southeast of Sternum.

Furthermore, the November update for New World offers a total of three new quests for the starting area, which is likely to make the initial phase of the online adventurers somewhat more interesting. There is also a tempo boost for traveling on roads, new faction missions in the PVP and a variety of optimizations and bug fixes on the program. The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

New World November Patch Plans: Linked Trading Posts, Cheaper Tuning Orbs, Less War Lag & More!

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