Fortnite Will there be global in 2022 EPIC reveals your road map for next year

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Since Fortnite Champion Series has stabilized to become the main competitive agency of Fortnite, Epic Games elaborates at the end of each year the Program for the Future was competitive from its flagship. But although the community was waiting for you for a long time the Roadmap of 2022, it seems that it has been quite disconcerting for many professional players since a 2022 worldwide is not mentioned at any time. Hard blow for the Fetches Competitors, who expected a World Cup, three years after the first edition, could return the brightness to Fortnites competitive half-tap for several seasons.

However, Epic Games has made some important advertisements with this roadmap:

FNCS in duet and a new format for the final phase
Tournaments by divisions
Tournaments in double round format

Return requests for third-party face tournaments
Other competitive features

duo FNCS with a final that can end up abruptly

The Next FNCS will take place in February 2022, and for next year the chosen format is that of the duo. The classification and final stages will also change face.

Two sessions by classification
Each classification will be reduced to three rounds instead of four, and both classifications will be carried out in the same week.
The new Tournament Technology of the next season will also classify computers that are more consistent but who have not achieved a victory at the end of each daily semi-finals session. After each daily session, the vacant positions in the series will be filled by the next duo in the ranking of the series, and the process will begin again the next day. This will be repeated until the 50 positions a duo of the final.
For the end of week 3 the new format of the tournament will arrive, called decisive stage. This means that a team can end the final ahead of time and be crowned FNC champion if it meets the following two criteria: — Reach the necessary points
Win two real victories

If no equipment meets these two criteria, the tournament will end at the normally scheduled time and the FNCS champions will be crowned. Through these changes, Epic Games wants to give more weight to victories, instead of killing regularity as a whole. However, many coaches and players wonder about this new format, which can be too agile and that de facto, shortens the upcoming deliveries of the FNCS, especially in terms of winners.


Cash CUPS itself will be more competitive. They will take place in two rounds, where the second rounds will take place on a different day of the week. This should improve the quality and integrity of these tournaments with cash prizes.

LAN organized by third parties

Epic Games is once again accepting proposals for public events from third parties who show Fortnite, and will deal with each case by case, and validated events must follow the health guidelines in force in the country in question.

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