Union against Hertha Mattuschka and Beer in front of the derby

Runner-up in 1975, Cup finalist in 1977 and 1979, UEFA Cup semi-finalists in 1979: Erich Etc Beer shot from 1971 to 1979 in 253 federal league play 83 goals for Bertha, only Michael Preeti surpassed 2,003 this brand (84 hits). The France Beer, 1976 European runner-up is still standing today for Bertha — as Torsten Mattuschka for Union. Fan favorite, Captain, identification figure, ink from 2005 to 2014. Union on the ball, rose to the Köpenick 2009 in the second league.

Mr. Beer, Mr. Mattuschka, Union stands since the third day of the preseason on continuously Bertha…

Erich Beer:… unfortunately.

… and plays European. Is the question of Berlins number one clarified?

Beer: No. What does Union for years as the club as a climber and also after claiming in the Bundesliga — gee! But this must be confirmed over a long period. Overall, Bertha has done more for Berlin and is therefore in my view still the number one.

Torsten Mattuschka: Everyone has a different think. Two of the last three derbies went to Bertha, but Union stands with less for some time before Bertha. Both clubs have a separate entitlement. For Union is every year about keeping the class. Bertha wanted to be the big-city club has invested a lot, but much has happened is not yet.

What Union, Bertha has not?

Beer: Union acts as one big family. Thats Bertha at the moment no more. When we played with Bertha in the 70s in the Bundesliga derby against Tennis Russia, we were regarded as Workers Club and Tennis Russia as a club with money. Now Union is a kind of workers club, and we are the ones with the money. The many millions of the investor brought Bertha a negative touch.

1. FC Union Berlin vs. Hertha BSC 2021 Ost West Derbytime in Berlin (retrospect 2010,2012,2013,2019)

Are you also interested in topics related to Hertha Games?

Mattuschka: Union is a better unit than Bertha. Bertha has a lot of young players, but also had many problem cases. The club has not given in vain Mathews Cuba and Jodi Lukebakio. The guys have thought a lot about themselves and shaken up the cabin. This first-gamer does not exist in the Union.

Both clubs have made a break in the summer again. Looks Union in the new items more closely — or why there are many attacks again quickly into each other ?

Mattuschka: Bertha is an intermediate step for many players. Some are financially simply saturated. Union, each assigned one and under. Since players come as Andreas Voglsammer from Bielefeld or Kevin Bearers and Genii Yamaguchi from the second league. That they be allowed to play Bundesliga celebrating. And it shows in the way they pack a punch up.

Beer: The Union er look at the team and on what might be missing. Many of the players out there have the heart in the right place. This is at Bertha just not the case. Its like in real life: Who has a lot of money, buys things he does not need. So that was in the past two years at Bertha.

Winning goal in the derby: the Olympic Stadium Mattuschka scored the 2 with this kick, 2011: 1st imago sport photoservices

Which newcomer you particularly like?

Mattuschka: Bearers would have expected these services hardly. Also, Yamaguchi or Voglsammer fit well with brutal Union. Bertha I like Seat Serial, also Jürgen Ekkelenkamp has already set accents. Steven Jove tic is a fine football player. But that new additions work has the big picture right.

Beer: This is the point. Sell ​​the team is the star. Bertha, four men holding three the flag high, but that is not enough. When Ive seen off the bench against Playback Median Matilda: He has not topped up after turnovers. Some probably think they play next year somewhere else anyway.

This season Reduced Max Ruse decided yet Two Agonist many games. Is Union now without Ruse just as good as him?

Beer: Agonist plays a top season. He is fast, strong, a great counter-striker. So one has Bertha not at the moment. Nevertheless, Ruse is the final touch with his eye and his passports. With it, the Union is more dangerous still.

Mattuschka: So it is! Max understands the game and knows things that others do not recognize. If he is at 100 percent, he makes the difference. I love to play Max to see. But if he is not there, others are on the spot. Two last season still has many opportunities are left. Now he makes them pure.

Bertha was with Mathews Cuba, John Córdoba, Jodi Lukebakio and Javier Dillon from almost the entire offensive department. Did they understand that?

Beer: This I have not understood because no equivalent replacement came. I like Jove tic, hes a great football player. But overall passes forward enough.

Mattuschka: So, Ive already understood that. If you have to tell Cuba 20 times that he should run back, and he still does not get it, then you have to sell him. He and Lukebakio were not good for this team in this stage of development. But Córdoba I would have retained — if possible.

Beer: You are right, ink. Córdoba has the balls extremely well maintained and weighing the opponent. This does not create Krzysztof Plate.

Fred BBC, Berthas new managing director sports, had to achieve a transfer of transfer in summer. Do you understand this at 374 million euros, which Investor Lars Windsors has paid?

Beer: No. Incorporation by Corona has every club. But if you do not get the best individualists into the track and sell, you say goodbye as a club of your ambitions. Other clubs have less money, but well get better. Bertha brings stars that are none. A lot of money was not used as meaningful.

Last recently Bertha had an upward trend and more defensive stability. Is this again Pal-Dardai football?

Beer: You can say that. It was right to retrieve Pal in winter. He was the right thing for the rescue mission and has brought the team out of the swamp. But we know from his first four years as head coach that he stands for a defensive approach. Especially in the last two years of his first term of office, this was often football for home games.

Would not they have passed with him in the summer?

Beer: I would have favored a new beginning. You have to delight the fans. I believe BBC did not find a suitable coach in the summer. Thats why Cardie was allowed to stay.

As a captain of Bertha: Beer at the seating choice with Herd Müller 1977 in Munich. Imago / Were

BBC brings the club on course?

Mattuschka: Definitely. He has managed it in Frankfurt with few means to put a formerly large club back on her legs. With horny transfers that none had on the screen: Filip Poetic, Luka Join, Sebastien Haller. He has his network and an eye for transfers. If you give him the time at Bertha, this works definitely.

Beer: I trust him. He did not convince as a player at Bertha. But he made a good transfer policy in Frankfurt and brought a coach from abroad with ADI Hunter, the fresh wind brought. I hope he succeeds at Bertha.

It already cracked between him and Cardie. Can that be good for a long time?

Beer: No, I do not think so. If BBC has found the right trainer for the future, he will say Pal: Thats it.

Mattuschka: I also think Cardie is not a continuous solution. At the next weakness phase, he is probably gone. The question is: Where does Bertha wants footballer?

They were both offensive players. Overlooking two teams that are more of stability and organization: lacks the courage to spectacle?

Mattuschka: No. You always have to pay attention to what the coach wants and what the squad gives. Union has risen with this way, so the team is successful. Union does not play magic football, but every opponent knows: Its so disgusting to play against them. Everyone is difficult against Union. Why should Urs Fischer go away from the pragmatic style? And for the Union fan, it is more about the fact that is Malachi. Bertha in turn would certainly have been presented to other football, but the team has to stabilize first. And the quality for hurray football Bertha does not have in the squad.

Beer: At Bertha, I often lack more courage and creativity. At Union, 90 minutes are in motion. This affects dynamic and powerful.

Urs Fischer is considered the master builder of success at Union. What makes him out?

Mattuschka: Urs is brutally empathic, he assumes all. He has a giant ladder and is outstanding that outstanding. Professionally, Urs is also a bomb, secretes the opponents in their strengths and weaknesses.

Beer: Fisherman gets out of the squad out of the squad. He acts objectively, straightforward, has clear ideas and his team under control.

Would he be a coach for a top club?

Mattuschka: clear. Urs was in Switzerland as a coach with Basel Double winner. What he does with Union with these means is madness. But he also has a top team around, with the co-trainers, manager Oliver Runner, President Dirk Ziegler.

Beer: At Bavaria, I do not see him. But for clubs like Leipzig or Leverkusen he would be a good man.

At the last Derby with spectators in November 2019 there were riots, the game was prior to demolition. How hot will it be this time?

Beer: It gets hot again. But I hope that there are no riots this time. We are all Berliners. And before the turn there were many sympathies for Bertha in the Union camp. Rivalry is invigorating, but hatred does not need a human.

Mattuschka: I just hope it is not so baked as it then. These dumbbells that missiles have petted into the viewers, that had nothing to do with football. I hope we talk about football after the Derby this time.

Union President Dirk Ziegler spoke in 2019 in the run-up to the derby from football class struggle. Dont you mentally prepare the ground for an escalation with such remarks?

Ghosts by: Last recently, the two city rivals met with empty ranks in April (1: 1). Imago Images / Contrast

Beer: That was unwise and unnecessary. He poured oil into the fire. Berlin is a city and glad about it. The wall has been gone for over 30 years, thats wonderful. This Eastern-West thinking does not fit in the time.

Mattuschka: You should not put every word on the gold scale and use it as Alibi. Rivers would still happen at the time, even if Dirk had said nothing in the way. You just have these dumbbells among the fans. I hope it will be like the four derbies I was allowed to play (in the 2nd league 2010/11 and 2012/13, d. Red.). There was only football, the atmosphere was incredible.

How much is Union still the slightly different club — and how much is façade?

Mattuschka: Of course, Union must also be a normal professional club when you want to play in the Bundesliga. But this connectedness between fans and the team is as pronounced as otherwise hardly anywhere. The Union er feels it as a privilege that he may support his team in the Bundesliga. For many other clubs, the Bundesliga is considered normal. Entertainment and spectacle is expected, preferably with popcorn as in the US. But thats not the football and not Union. I want the Hart IV receiver and the lawyer to tip the beer in the face, because Union shot a gate.

In January, both meet again in the cup. Is the game even more important than that in the league?

Beer: In any case. In the league you can mend a defeat. In the cup there is only this a chance. After the cup game you really know who the number one of Berlin is.

Mattuschka: All derbies are important. The horny at the cup game is: There is a winner. I hope I can be live with it, that I have three, four frying sausages and five, six beers Dachau and for Union, what I have in my body — and that we move into the quarterfinals.

Why wins on Saturday Union, Mr Mattuschka?

Mattuschka: Because we are playing the better season, rested, playing at home and have something to make up for the last derbies.

Why is Bertha, Mr. Beer?

Beer: Because we have not lost the last three derbies and lasted. I say 2: 1 for Bertha.

Mattuschka: Good result, ETC, just wrong. Union wins by gates of Max Ruse and Marvin Friedrich 2: 1.