Archeductor is available in Pok mon Unite

Whats more logical to see the latest update of Pokémon Unite coincide with the global output of sparkling diamond / glittering pearl, the remake of the 4G available today on Switch. For those who practice the Pokémon format in MOB format, the game of Time Studios welcomes a new unit with the reinforcement of architect (or decided in English).

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The Grand Duc-Archer therefore joins the flop of attackers already available at the casting, alongside Pikachu, Nepali and other product. As always in the case of a free to play, it will be necessary to play a lot, either go to the cashier, to obtain the license, knowing that the right to use the character getting money 10000 pieces AMOS (the currency in-game ), or 575 gems (its paid version). At the rate of €7.99 the 490 gems, or €19.99 for 1220, you quickly save you the small rule of 3 with adjustment to evaluate the addition to a dozen euros for the most pressed. According to the first returns, the character still missed a little mobility to reach the top of the tier list, but his offensive potential already seems very present.



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