Xbox boss demands that old games remain executable

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Even more beautiful, even bigger — the new Next gene consoles allow developers to put completely new standards for games. But Xbox boss Phil Spencer also has another area in view: retro games. Many old games are no longer running on modern systems — and that s exactly what he wants to change.

Xbox boss speaks for better retro support

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series consoles provide downward compatibility — but only limited. Not batch wise all the games of past generations can be played on the new consoles, which inevitably leads to it that some retro games can soon no longer be gambled on modern systems.

Phil Spencer is also aware of this problem and mentioned in a message that he hopes that the entire game industry is dedicated to a solution :

I think we can learn from history how we came here through the creative. I love it in music. I love movies and television, and there are good reasons for games to follow. (…)

My hope (and I think I have to be this now) is that we are working as an industry on a legal emulation that allows it to start modern hardware, any (within a reasonable frame) to start older executable file, so one Match can play.

In other words: Spencer hopes that developers and publishers soon offer the players the opportunity to emulate all old games legally on new systems :

I think if we say, Hey, everyone should be able to buy or possess every game, and continue to play, then that would be a great northern star for us as an industry.

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The current emulation level

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Gog and Co. already offer the players the opportunity to execute and play some games on the PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and the PC — but This support is often limited to the appropriate platform.

A magnificent legal method to emulate about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time natively to emulate on an Android smartphone is not available at the moment. If you want to play the classic on the way, you must inevitably access switch and also buy the expansion package for the switch online service.

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Whether the industry involved in the near future thus further expanding the support for retro games on modern consoles remains to be seen. After all, Microsoft is progressing with good example and advanced the selection of downward-compatible games on the Xbox Series and Xbox One by 70 more games.