CEO calls from Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick intensify

Activision Blizzard, Inc., formerly recognized as Activision, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATV), is a US computer game company that has Activision (Creator of the Telephone Call of Task Legend, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk as well as Slanders to name a few) and Blizzard Home Entertainment (Developers by Wow, Diablo, Star craft, Overwatch among others). Considering that its combination in 2008 and also subsequent acquisition by Tencent Holdings, Activision Blizzard has become one of the most important Third-Party for the United States and also worldwide, attaining a market capitalization of 49 billion dollars.

Bobby Kotick is Toast - One Disgrace Too Far For Activision Blizzard?
It looks like things intensify at Activision Blizzard. While we knew that there had been discrimination with one of the women executives and that there had been prosecutions lately, it seems that the employees of the company have enough. According to various sources, including Twitter, more than a hundred Blizzard employees came out on November 16 and gathered in front of the Blizzard headquarters in Irvine, California, to demand the resignation of CEO. They also want two members of the Board of Directors, Brian Kelly and Robert Morgan, also resign, due to the horrible treatment of women in the workplace.

This decision was triggered by an article from the Wall street Journal. Previously, Kick had stated that he did not know all abuse and discrimination that were part of the work environment. But, the report reveals that not only Kick was aware of what was happening, but that he participated in abuse of women, inside and outside the workplace. This included things such as sexual harassment and even death threats. Over the years, Mr. Kick himself has been accused by several women abuse inside and outside the workplace, and in some cases he has endeavored to settle the complaints quickly And discreetly. The Wall Street Journal writing.

Dated November 17, at 10:30 am Eastern Time, Shareholders, led by the Trade Union Group, called SOC Investment Group, signed a letter calling for the resignation of Kick, as well as the two members of the Board mentioned above. This has also been signed by other investment groups, which focus on support for women in various industries. It is an unusual movement, both for the interests and desires of workers and shareholders. But if the number of shares currently held by the investment groups is unknown, it does not seem auspicious for the future of Kick at Activision Blizzard. ABK Workers Alliance, a Defense Group of Current Activision Blizzard employees, has expressed very clearly his feelings about it. This is unacceptable; We are more than a revenue machine. We are people, and it is clear that Bobby Kick is not conducive to health and safety of any human element. »

The way Activision Blizzard will manage this is currently unknown and in progress. We can only hope the best result.

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