Instead of Efootball 2022

In recent days, it has become quiet for the PES successor named Football 2022, with the INAMI in early October a revolutionary game as a free-to-play title to bring on the market. However, after release, revolutionary was only the wave of criticism that opposed the developer from the trade press and the community for the unfinished product.

Rest since moved update

Most recently, INAMI had reported on 5 November via Twitter to postpone the update 1.0.0, the new content, the mobile release, and generally a significant improvement, from 11 November to Spring 2022.

eFOOTBALL 2022 UPDATE | *bug fix patch

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Thus, the chaos around the facelift of the INAMI series was finally perfect, EA SPORTS and FIFA 22 seem to have free train this year. On Thursday, the Football team decided to light the Twitter account again some life — with a fan voting.

New, TER Steven and de GEA in the race

Something else for our fans you can bite in, the Football account announces the voting for the so-called Fan s Xi. There are eleven goalkeepers of the partner clubs of INAMI for three days. In three votes, the preliminary round winners are determined, the finale will be opened on Friday. Quickly stands out that there is a race between Manuel new, Marc-André TER Steven and David de Gea.

These players are available at the elections of the Fan s Xi for Football 2022. INAMI

Which benefits do the Fan s Xi ?

To what extent the choice will have an influence on the game, so whether the players will occur as part of events, modes or as special objects, the developer is currently open. INAMI has published Fan s Xi-Leaderboards showing the candidates of the upcoming votes — probably organized. There should not be a connection to in-game data or earlier voting.

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