Fortnite x naruto kurama the free delta wing that gives EPIC and other cosmetics of the series

Great relief for Fortnite players 100% Free to play: Epic Games allows us to have several Naruto cosmetics in our hands for free, including the fabulous glider Kusama, the nine-line fox.

Epic Games Store revealed this Wednesday a program called El Niño, and allows a simple record to access basic challenges that allow you to get emoticons every day, a load screen and finally a delta wing starring the nine-line fox.

There are 5 levels of rewards in El Nintendo. A new single level will be unlocked every day for 5 days from today Wednesday, November 17. Here are the rewards and their prerequisites:

Naruto reward: Get at least 1 point on day 1 to receive the Happy Naruto emoticon
Sakura reward: Get at least 1 point on day 2 to receive the SAD SAKURA emoticon
Leisure reward: Get at least 1 point on day 3 to receive Emoticon of Angry Leisure.
Takashi reward: Get at least 1 point on day 4 to receive the Takashi emoticon surprised
Trailer Day: Win at least 2 points on day 5 to receive all gestures of the daily challenge you have not won.
Ala Delta Kusama and loading screen: Unlock the scenario of that day.

To accumulate points, you must consult the daily tasks that are offered from the NIN DO menu. For example, for day 1 (Naruto Day), you get 1 point for each elimination (solo only, duo, threesome, squadron).

How To Get The KURAMA Glider For FREE! (Naruto's Nindo Free Rewards)

Keep in mind that the content of the tasks will change every day and that you must complete a task completely to acquire the Kusama delta wing.

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