Zombie Army 4 Dead War November Update Patch Notes Carlos Hurtado

November Update has arrived for Zombie Army 4: Dead War, and here s the full list of changes and fixes that have been added with this patch. The November update brought many changes to the PC and console version, tweaking and fixing a number of recurring problems with respect to game progress, clipping, special effects and more. Players who bought the game via the Windows Store should have all LCS in their accounts now. Previously, there was a problem that led to the LCS were missing after the installation of the files. Everything is new in November update of ZombieArmy 4: Dead War.

ZombieArmy 4: Dead War November update patch notes

Attention hunters

As always, we were overwhelmed by the number of undead who have been killed since the latest update of Zombie Army 4th A huge thank you to The Resistance for your response to Season 3 and for the feedback to the HQ during the entire time — the development team has answered the call to arms!

In addition to general bug fixes, this update fixes the reports of audio inconsistencies that occur most frequently since the release of 3.4 for PlayStation players.

Windows Store:

The problem that led to the LCS were lost, although players have the content and install, has now been fixed

Zombie Army 4: Dead War New Update 1.44 Is Here!!!


The online multiplayer is now ready after prolonged soaking called in sleep mode
Players can now view the text messages in the lobby and during the game, sent by yourself or other players who are also in Simplified Chinese
There is now a PlayStation icon next to the name of a PlayStation player on his player card or when using the voice chat


Cross-Play — PC platforms re unable to switch between push-to-talk and always-on when they use Voice Chat
When using a game pad PC gamers can now due to initial problems using the voice chat, as it currently only works as a push to talk with the keyboard

all platforms (except Stadia):

The progress block at the Rotten Coast, Survive Hitler s Trap has now been solved
FG 42 SMG Stat Card Error Fixed
The achievement Damned busters is enabled now by completing the mission
The progress block the target of the Dead Zeppelin heartbreaker Fixed
In Deeper Than Hell, Episode 4 Ancient Temple, the goal is Schneider stop to complete the occult machine now complete, after all seven batteries were destroyed during the co-op playing through
The blowtorch weapon — VFX of weapons essays now disappear after they are consumed
The success of It s all happened before is now unlocked
Tarot Charm Package — The judgment -Charm does not depend more with the Blowtorch during the game together
Occult Karl outfit — clips no longer with certain guns and the holder of the occult-Karl outfits
Occult Karl outfit — Certain headgear not hang more with the head of the occult Karl outfits
The Strange Brigade Headgear Pack — eyeballs Occult Karl -character now light up after finishing the Mummy Head Mask
The progress block in the Zombie Zoo Nightmare mode Fixed
Progress block on Hell basis, Chapter 4, Survive the zombie horde has been fixed
Hell boiler — sidewalk B — About the metal platform near the firetrap on walkway B is observed not overly dark texture more
Hell s Cauldron — Walkway A2 — The black texture is no longer observed in the gap of the metal bar near the door of Tower A on the Walkway A2
Cross Play (only PlayStation / PC) — In a lobby or in the game, the player s own mute button is now disabled if the voice chat is disabled in the options
Cross Play (only PlayStation / PC) — Disabling of voice chats about the options in a lobby in the game or the disabled communication symbol was not displayed. This is displayed correctly after exiting and reentering
Torches weapons package — The graph for the first, second and third damage upgrade is now unique
Ambient, menu and zombie sounds are now on the right levels

As always, we are pleased that the community contacted us at all arising problems. Please continue to do so, so we can investigate all inquiries as quickly as possible.

Long live the resistance!

One of the most striking changes to Zombie Army 4: Dead was the corrections of some levels such as RottentenCoast and Dead Zeppelin HeartBreaker will be. Some players had some progress blocks, but now they should be gone. Players who had difficulties to find a balance of the sound of the game will be happier now. Environment, menu and zombie sounds are now on the right levels, so players do not have to spend more time to find a balance between the three sound settings. Zombie Army 4: Dead was is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. For more information about this update, visit the Official Zombie Army4: Dead War Website.