BVB Deniz Aytekin rows because of Dahoud

Referee Deniz Akin has once again expressed itself two months after its yellow-red card against BVB-Profi Mahmoud Aloud to the controversial place of space — and now justified a mistake.

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Denis Aytekin erklärt Gelb - Rot gegen Dahoud | Borussia Mönchengladbach 1 - 0 BORUSSIA DORTMUND
What bothers me back to the whole thing, that I have been so emotional. If I had a little more inner serenity, I would not have put the Mo Aloud from the place. However, I have to clearly say: I want to go off Just not. And it does not fit into the picture and does not fit for football, said Akin the Deutschlandfunk.

The 43-year-old referee had referred Aloud at the 0: 1 bankruptcy of BVB in the duel with Borussia Mönchengladbach on the sixth match day of the field and the second yellow card against the midfielder in retrospect with his disrespect is justified and defended. The referees also had a minimum of respect, he explained against Sky at that time.

Deniz Akin: Behaviors that are not tolerable in my world

Lack of respect for the impartial Akin basically considered a great problem of football. In particular, in the lower classes, you get more and more with that there are behaviors on the day that are not tolerable in my world. There are other refereess where referees are recognized and respected. Unfortunately, it is not always the case in football.

Every single case of attacks on referees in the amateur law is too much, criticized Akin.

The experienced referee also expressed itself the much-discussed age limit of his guild in the Bundesliga, against which (ex) colleague Manuel Graph now complains.

I went up at that time, because an older colleague is out, and I respect this requirement. I do not want to take the young referees somehow a place, said Akin, who has whistled in the German Overhaul since 2008.