Return to FC Bayern N bel calls clear condition

Alexander Nobel looks relaxed, it s fine. 20 degrees in autumn are getting used to the professional coming from Germany, but of course highly pleasant. The change was the right decision, he emphasizes immediately at the top of the 50-minute Alexander Nubel interview.

He refers to this statement on its private life in Monaco as well as football at the local Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club, short as. I play at a high level twice a week, that was my goal. In the league, it is currently only 11th place, but in the Europa League, Nobel and colleagues lead their group to Real Societal, Eindhoven and Graz.

Nobel: The year at Bavaria was not a lost year

Coman lockte Upamecano zu Bayern | SPORT1 - DER TAG

Internationally, there were two goals in four games, nationally in 13 games 16. Total four times the zero stand. The statistics could look better, says the keeper, but dissatisfied I m not. After bumpy start, his performance stabilizes, but Nobel admits: I m not there yet where I want to be.

The cooperation with the AS-defense must still be consolidated, in addition, the one year at FC Bayern with only four competitive games still looks like. A double-edged sword calls Nobel the time in Munich, but as a whole, he assessed them as progress for me and makes clear: The year at Bavaria was not a lost year.

For two years, so until 2023, he is borrowed at Monaco. If necessary, Bavaria can take him back after a year. But currently Nobel expects a foreign internship over two seasons. I see nothing else, he notes, and the FC Bayern not.

For his return to Munich, he formulates an unmistakable condition anyway: What I can not imagine is to come back and no longer games. For him there is several models.

I m Big Alexander Nubel Interview — this Monday in the Print Edition or Even tonight in the magazine Nobel also speaks openly about his relationship with manual new, the agreed and not reached number of compulsory games as well as its overall situation in Munich. And he reveals like Joshua Gimmick and Leon Goretzka react when training is not reached 100 percent.