Bethesda breaks the silence about Fallout 5

Although neither star field NI The Elder Scrolls VI Han reached the market, Bethesda is already thinking about its next projects and one of them is Fallout 5. That s right, the fifth installment in this popular RPG saga will eventually come to our hands, but there is still a very good time for this to happen.

In an extensive interview with IGN, Todd Howard was questioned about the possibility of fallout 5, to which he responded with the following:

Look, Fallout is part of our DNA. We have worked with other people from time to time, and I can not really say what will happen. You know, we already have an idea for Fallout 5, about what we want to do.

Although there is already a concept, it is still far from materializing, but if I could, to Howard would love to find a way to accelerate this process.

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I repeat, if I could have a magic wand and make Fallout 5 appear right now, you know, I would like to accelerate what we do, but I can not say anything today or commit to anything, about when things will happen.

It is not surprising anyone that Fallout 5 is within the plans of Bethesda, because we do not believe it is a saga that will disappear shortly, but one that will not return to the moment.

Editor s note: And it was to be expected that a very good time would still be lacking to know what the next delivery is going on in the Fallout series. Fortunately, we will have a new The Elder Scrolls and Star field to entertain us for that time.