Playing and Donver NFT Games Overseas Yes Domestic NO Regulatory Solution

A non-fungible token (TNF, likewise understood by acronym NFT, Non-Fungible Token) or Non-Fungible Vale is a special sort of cryptographic token that stands for something unique. Non-fungible tokens are not, for that reason, equally compatible. This contrasts with cryptologies such as bitcoin, and also several network or utility tokens that are fungible naturally. The four main features of the NFTs is that they are unique., indivisible, transferable and with the capability to show its scarcity.

NFT, which is a blockchain, is growing in Korea as well as a global game industry. The Vietnamese Games Mavis served as a blockchain based game Print, and it has been a game to receive attention to the global market at once. The total amount of poetry of virtual monetary excitingly, which shares the game and the name, has also exceeded $30 billion (about 35 trillion won) (about 35.5 trillion won).

Case with great achievement by combining NFT in the game is not only overseas. Domestic game papers We maid also have a reminiscent of NFT to Mir 4 Global Services. The share price of MADRID, which was 305,867 won on August 26, who started MIL4 Global Services on August 26, over the 12th (as of 10:00 am).

As a conscious of this, the domestic major game company also announces a business plan including NFT.

NC soft attracted attention that I was preparing for a new service that combines NFT and blockchain in the last 11-day earnings announcement conference call.

Creighton knows that NFT is taking a great attention in the market, while the game is the first time the game is the first time,

Gang Hymn BUK, Gang Hymn Bureau for the increase in the case of reviewing the NFT application to the game system, proving that there is a lot of followers, which is a lot of followers, Application of many game companies I have to welcome the declaration. The Enemas would be a partner that realizes the plan of the game companies.

NFT is a token that gives digital value to real or virtual assets. The intangible assets that are difficult to recognize ownership can prove the owner and add value through the NFT. In the case of the game, it is characterized by that the NFT is applied to the game item to give the value and transform it through the NFT exchange. In overseas, it is also possible to acquire virtualization and cash in cash.

Currently, the game with NFT applied in Korea can not be serviced. In fact, MIR 4 of MADRID is also applied to the global version, and the domestic version has been excluded.

In the past few years, some games based on blocks have been trying to domestic services, but did not receive the grade classification from the Game Water Management Committee (Game) because it has tried domestic services,

The game is a blockchain, and NFT games in the NFT game are maintained that you must replace the NFT in the game as a virtual asset, and you must first solve the elements that can be cashed. It is also a position to require clear guidelines for financial authorities and policy authorities as long as it is worried about purposes.

The game industry is a global game market, which is the atmosphere to be reorganized by NFT. In addition, it is also sympathetic because it is a situation in which it is necessary to run to drive this situation.

A Mobile Game official said, The Korean game industry, which has undergone the story of the past sea story, is sensitive to cash and deserialize, but even if it is, it seems that it is a negative aspect than the positive aspect of NFT and blocks..

In addition, the game market is very important too preemptively. In the early market entrance, the first market in the PC online game market appeared in the PC Online Game Market, I added.

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A Mobile Game official in developing a blockchain, said, Korea Content Promotion Agency was a blockchain in the game content production support business, but the game is denying the classification of the game that is introduced. I also explained that even in the agency, I am going to be a regulation and promotion.

Motion is also confirmed to solve this problem. The Korean Content Promotion Agency and the game was expanding to exchange for the issue of various gaming industry, including blockchain. In addition, in the past October, the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party, as well as the Democratic Party of the Democratic Party, as well as a blockchain, and the Korean Content Promotion Agency and the game is the opposite, and it will be a follow-up for the request to have a cooperation system.