Become a huge monster and destroy the city 2D action Gigapocalypse officially released

Head up Games and Goody Game works have been a huge monster and released a formal version of 2D action game Gig apocalypse that destroys the city.

In this work inspired by the monster movie Godzilla and Kinking, and Rampage of the masterpiece game, we operate various types of monsters Gig and change all things that go to the pile of rubble increase. It seems that Gig can be evolved at a mutation point that can be obtained by defeating the boss, and gig can grow in a tamagotche-style mini-game.

Nine gig with unique and unique abilities

Stage of six beautiful details, which motifs the history of the earth and the time axis of the future

Selection of customization & destruction style of Gig

Enemy & buildings with uniform

Boss battle to make a fucker

Unlocked pets, skills, mutation

Quest & Secret

Simple Operating Fast Action

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Adinticight gameplay with easy operation

Gigapocalypse #2

Iron BGM…… Ruse too much? Remember the teenage sense! !

Gig apocalypse, who once given to all people who were kids, is usually distributing Steam for 1,010 yen. 33% off will be applied until November 18th.