Fortnite Naruto s skins and cosmetics are filtered before the official revelation

After months of leaks and rumors, Fortnite finally confirmed officially yesterday that will have its own Naruto franchise crossover next week as of November 16. Nothing significant was revealed beyond an image of Fortnite logo next to that of Naruto shipped However, there is still no official review of the masks or cosmetics that will be added. That said, a new filtration seems to indicate that several masks, including Naruto itself, will be revealed shortly.

Filtration is produced through a photo of what seem to be filtered pages of a new number of weekly shōnen. The pages are apparently part of a problem that will be published in the coming days, and although they do not include anything that is directly seen as normally a mask in Fortnite, the characters included are the iconic members of the 7th Naruto team, Leisure, Sakura and Takashi as they appear in Naruto Shipped. You can check it yourself below:

The new filtration also seems to indicate once again that a Lunar weapon will be added to the game, something that data miners had previously discovered. The other cosmetics are also taken directly from the Naruto franchise, and if the history of Fortnite crosses are an indication, they will be part of a packet of cosmetics with one or more of the characters masks. The robust crossover is not a surprise considering the continuous love of the franchise, and Fortnite has even been previously added a gesture of Naruto Run.

As noted above, the official cross content should be disclosed soon since the Naruto collaboration is scheduled for November 16. As for Fortnite In general, the popular free Battle Royale video game is currently available on most main platforms in chapter 2 season 8, except for the iOS version. You can check all our previous Fortnite coverage right here.

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What do you think about what has been seen from the Fortnite and the crossing of Naruto so far? Are you looking forward to collecting any of the filtered cosmetics yourself? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to the games.