GTA trilogy remastered cheats functioning confirmed

Before the scheduled release date for Rock stars Remasters of the classic Grand Theft Auto-Trios: GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas have already found their way to the wilderness. The game was also published in some countries. Of course, some of those who have gotten a copy already gone to YouTube to share the gameplay from each of the iconic games. After viewing some of these early recordings, we were able to confirm that the raised cheats of GTA Trilogy are one thing.

During the first part of your GTA San Andreas game passage, YouTuber, Canal Aesthetics with the maximum health, armor and the money cheat of + 250,000 US dollars can be seen. Although we are not sure if each code can be used from earlier versions, it is clear that the raised cheats from GTA Trilogy work at least PS5.

However, if you are a trophy or achievement hunter, you should leave your hands off. After entering the entries to quart yourself, Canal Aesthetics is welcomed with a message that says: Games where cheats have been activated can not unlock trophies — we are not surprised.

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You can see the excerpt from the stream of Canal Aesthetics below.

With confirmed GTA trilogy-remastered cheats, we can barely expect to run around in a Rhino tank as we did in the good old days. We will also absolutely do not draw the full advantage of removing our heat when we accidentally bring a rocket launcher to a police car.