Fortnite November 9 Patch Notes Reveal The Combat Pistol

The Fortnite November 9 patch is out now, and since it s a hotfix, you will not need to install any updates on your end. The upgrade is live and also brings a set of loot modifications to Season 8, including one brand-new weapon, while an additional unique weapon gets a nice lover just in time for what would certainly seem to be the final countdown to more sweeping modifications at the end of the season. Below s all that s brand-new.

Fortnite November 9 Spot

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The marquee addition to the game adhering to today s hotfix is the arrival of the Combat Pistol. This more powerful pistol packs a meaner punch just like the just recently vaulted Combat Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and also SMG we have actually already seen J.B. Chimpanzee vault this season.

If I really did not recognize any type of better, I would certainly claim it seems like we re getting ready for an additional major face-off at the end of a Fortnite season. With rumors obtaining louder that the following season of Fortnite is covertly Phase 3, a big fight versus the Cube Queen would certainly make a great deal of sense as a season– and phase– finale.

The Combat Pistol can be discovered in upper bodies, as floor loot, or from angling and has actually replaced the basic pistol, which is a result special to this fight alternative tool this season, as various other such weapons remain to exist together with their alternative variations.

Trying Out The NEW Combat Pistol in Fortnite
In addition, the Sideways Rifle has been rubbed, so gamers who gear up one from The Sideways or from the gone down loot of opponents will appreciate its better accuracy as well as a longer-lasting overpowered state, which currently provides it some added kick.

That s all that s stated in the spot notes this week, and with just one more significant patch to find this season, anticipate points to choose up rapidly in the days ahead, as we proceed to build toward some kind of face-off with the Cube Queen.

In the meanwhile, do not miss the new NPC, Shadow Ops, that provides 150,000 XP down at Lazy Lake.