Battlefield 2042 will have up to four seasons in their first year but it will wait for 2022

A little over a week for its premiere worldwide, new details related to Battlefield 2042 and its content after launch are revealed. After the beta, Electronic Arts and says will let us try the title in advance thanks to the early access for EA PLAY and Xbox Game Pass users, but for important implementations you will have to wait more than the account.

As they have commented in a post in the official blog of the game, the first season of the shooter will not reach 2022. This will be the first of the four that will make up the first year, along with four battle passes and four new specialists. In addition, localizations will be included and more related content that Iran detailing over the months.

The preseason will have weekly missions and rewards To better overcome this wait until next year, during its first days in the market we will have a preseason, which will provide us weekly missions, rewards, modes for limited time and Experiences in Battlefield Portal, a novelty that we could already prove this summer, and from which we leave you our impressions.

Battlefield 2042 - Everything To Know
For its release, Battlefield 2042 will make us wait a few more days until November 19, when it arrives at PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. This bet for the war in the near future will seek to attract the lost players with the worst host delivery, and the truth is that, seen the data of his beta, it seems to be generating a greater interest.

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