Godzilla vs Kong reveals 10 inch giant pop vinyls

We ll just go and say it: Funk Pops! Are quite great. Pretty rounded shapes, prices (for the most part) affordable and a catalog of characters that Endorsed can only look with envy. The only disadvantage of Funk Pops! In general, they can have a nose or a mouth. Defending any logic of the Chili form, it is usually a nose for any reason. That s why we spent years assuming that Funk s standard nose was a strange triangular mouth. Fortunately, these toys do not have this disadvantage. In Funk Funk Fair s first episode, they revealed two adorably intimidating titans with incredibly detailed small faces: Godzilla and King Kong! The video also includes a bunch of other toy revelations, so go directly to the brand 7:47 if you are right here for the monsters.

Needless to say, we love everything about these toys. The positions ready for combat! Grinding expressions! Scales and incredibly detailed fur! Yes, the dead black eyes are a little accusing, but it s not more scary than any other funk creation. In addition, frightening monsters are allowed to be a little scary. It s their thing. The video provided close-ups of the beautifully molded face of each monster, which we really appreciate, although it did not provide complete turning of each figure. We will have to wait a little longer to properly see Godzilla s thorny dorsal plates.

It s far from the first time Kong or Godzilla is captured in Funk Pop! Form. Other figures include the Kong of Kong: the island of the skull (which was a very good film, by the way) holding a military helicopter in a hand, a gray Godzilla with prominent claws and an alternative color that gives Godzilla DES Dark gray scales and brilliant glow in dark accents. These new giants will be at home.

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