Uwe is 85 Seeler talks about the HSV and Joshua Kimmich from FC Bayern

Uwe Seeler is the icon of Hamburger SV. Alone in the Bundesliga he scored 137 goals for the league founding member HSV. the honorary captain of the DFB scored 43 goals in 72 appearances for the national team. On November 5, who lives in Norderstedt Seeler is 85 years old. On this occasion, the German Press Agency asked for an interview.

Mr Seeler, how are you?

It could be better. But I m satisfied. Doctors have held me a lecture. And yes, they re right: I m obviously spoiled, because I always used was again healthy and fit fast, but in the 85 years since it all takes longer because you already happening heavier. But I accepted. Currently, I am still a little weak on his feet. That did not I know about me. But I always say growing old is not for cowards.

When talking about health, including Corona is an issue. Was the corona time very difficult for you?

Yes of course! We have lived abstinent, had little visit. The time was very long, in which we have practically lived prison house. Now we ever go back to eat with friends, but even that far. We ourselves can actually not complain: We have a fairly large house can go for a walk in the garden, but otherwise it s been quite a disgrace, for example, for people with small apartments.

If you look back on your life, would you do it all again just as ?

Basically, I would say: I think I have so far done everything right. I m happy and my family it is. We can be satisfied with what we have created.

know Most people who you are, what you have done. You are never lifted. Many people say Uwe is one of us. You re right?

The most beautiful thing in the world is yet to be normal. I have always understood. It is normal for me to be grounded. I also come from a family that has seen to that. Vaddern has already taken care of that I stay normal. And I then did. I can not play crazy. I can say that I am boringly normal, and I like that.

is your club and remains the HSV. The relegated 2018th How do you see the development after three missed ascents?

In the first years after descending a lot went wrong. But I see that even now critical. I m still not convinced that it will happen this season. but I do like to be surprised, because I want to climb. But the surprises is such a thing that always takes time. Eventually, they will however need to do it because I believe that it otherwise becomes more severe.

Will go to Hamburg Volksparkstadion again?

Naturally. If I m reasonably fit again, then I go immediately to the stadium. That is clear. but right now I m not back in shape to go there.

What do you say to FC St. Pauli? Is standing for weeks on a promotion place neighborhood club now the number one city?

These are not yet risen, that s still a long way. Why not: but when they rise, then I say? When last seen winning the games, then they deserve it. And the HSV must see that he comes into the socks. And yes, the results show it, yes, currently is the FC St. Pauli before HSV.

How do you assess the German national team with Hansi Flick, succeeding Joachim Loew? New coach, new momentum?

The start was good, but you have to wait and see. Hansi Flick builds yes just a new team, and for that you have to give him time. Then must show what success he achieved. He was even a good player, and I do believe that he knows what is good and what is bad. I wish him good luck in his work.

If you compare the times: Would you rather be a professional footballer today, where very different sums can earn than before ?

Are you also interested in topics related to Time Games?

Although all deserve more money, but I do not know whether the present time is really the better. Much has changed: In the past, the family had a car, now has a family of five at any one. To football: I want the sums paid today, not criticize. But the professionals, there must not exaggerate, the price-performance ratio must be right. but does not always, when you hear some transfer fee. And I m afraid so, this can not go well for long.

A current top professional is Joshua Kimmich. What do you think of his attitude toward Corona vaccination?

Kimmich is a great player and a wise head. But his attitude to vaccination I find very strange. He also has to think of the others he can infect. If all players are vaccinated, then all really should do. And he is still tolerated two Pikse. My opinion is clear: If the vaccine is the only thing that helps in the pandemic, then you should do it.

They are married more than 60 years with their wife Ilka. Did it also give a crisis in all these years?

It s soon 62 years, a nice time. And I think we only quarreled. But I was not so often at home, a lot on the road. Football was still the profession – there was a lot of time on it. I am around 70,000 to 80,000 kilometers dangers in the year by car.

How will you spend your anniversary on the 5th of November?

We celebrate in a small circle, only with the family. At our home. From morning at 10.30 am until the seeds are Dun and have to go home. But seriously: we stay at home, there are roulade and red cabbage. And wine and beer. Both, not just one! But around the drinks we do not need to take care of the seeds, it s all ordered and organized.