China closes Fortnite one of the most popular games in the world

Because they can… and want.

Fortnite China Is Shutting Down It's Servers FOREVER..

China, or rather a Chinese government went to a total war with players and games / publishers. The first – if you are under 18 years – they can not play online games for more than three hours a week. In turn, the developers have been imposed such huge limitations (cultural and not only) that sometimes you have to change half of the game, which is totally unprofitable.

Just before such a dilemma stood Epic Games together with Tencent Games (the local publisher). The Chinese version of Fortnite aka Fortress Night – Nomen Omen still in the testing phase – did not pass a long verification, which would still not be able to implement microtransact and earn on the title.

Not to mention the aforementioned hour limit for juvenile or ubiquitous censorship, which forbid… practically everything: from blood, dead bodies, sex costumes, references to homosexuality, military elements, skeletons, skulls, etc.

Therefore, a shocking one was undertaken, but in its own way a logical decision to exclude the local Fortnite. The only question – was it a direct decision Epic Games, or maybe it s time to implement change and a Chinese government – not wanting – he had to prohibit this game in his country.

The message does not give any details.

From today you can not create new accounts and download the customer, and after November 15 we will no longer be able to enter the game.

We sympathize with Chinese. Particularly those who spent hundreds of hours in Fortnite, and now they were with nothing.